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From the President- May 2019

Passion and Persistence



Very early in my career, as the Oil and Gas Industry was just emerging from a depression in the late 1960s and early 1970s, an older co-worker gave me some advice: save your money, because the industry is cyclical. That was very good advice. But there was more that he didn’t mention. To survive in the industry through the downturns, you must have passion and persistence. Without those 2 qualities, you’re better off finding another career. Having lived through a couple of major downturns in the Oil and Gas Industry, I’ve had the opportunity to experience and observe the human qualities of passion and persistence related to career choices.

From the President- January 2019

HGS Volunteer Days - Community Service Projects that Promote Geology

  Volunteering is in the genetic makeup of HGS members. After all, HGS is a volunteer-driven organization that would not exist in its current form without volunteers. But volunteering for internal HGS functions is only one category of our member’s volunteer efforts. Another important volunteer category involves community service projects that help expose the general public to geologists and Geoscience. Those projects often have the most enduring impact to promote our discipline.

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