Vendor Corner

Are you needing a little more luck with your sales efforts?

Take advantage of one of the industry’s most affordable and productive sponsorship opportunities – the Houston Geological Society’s Vendor Corner!

Vendor Corners take place during the social periods prior to HGS Luncheon and Dinner meetings, when a service company, consulting firm or other commercial organization has an opportunity to display their services, products, or commercial studies to the attendees of the technical meetings. Make direct contact with interested geoscience buyers without being lost in the ocean of exhibitors so common at trade shows, national conventions and other technical meetings.

Listed HERE are the technical presentations remaining for this business year. Perhaps your product aligns with the subject matter of the technical presentation scheduled for these meetings?  What better way to connect with your targeted audiences than to showcase how your results or services relate to the meeting’s topic? Check the HGS Event Calendar for presentations scheduled for the next few months - meetings are updated as speakers are scheduled!

The money that is raised through Vendor Corner helps to support the HGS and our many activities and meetings. 

Vendor Corner fees for regular dinner meetings are just a nominal $500, in addition to any meal reservations made for your company’s attendees. Consider raffling an elegant bottle of wine, book or another memorable item as a door prize to further the impact of your company’s Vendor Corner.

Please feel free to contact the HGS Office at if you are interested in scheduling a Vendor Corner this year. In today’s challenging economic environment, the HGS Vendor Corner remains one of the best ways to stretch your advertising and marketing budgets. We look forward to your participation!


Additional Vendor Corners details:

Services or products may be displayed to the HGS meeting attendees during the social period prior to the meeting, when the attendees are registering, gathering or having a drink (cash bar) before the sit-down dinner. Social periods for dinner meetings begin at 5:30, but vendors are encouraged to be set up and ready by 5:15 (for early arrivals).  Luncheon socials begin at 11:15 AM with meal service at 11:30 AM. Arrive by 11:00 AM to be set up in advance of any early arrivals You can set up a small pop-up style booth or utilize a table from the venue to display your wares. You may also hang maps or displays on the venue walls utilizing non-damaging tape/adhesive. There are electrical outlets around the venue’s rooms for your utilization. No microphones are permitted but you may place handouts on the tables/chairs of the meeting attendees and, of course, may stay for the entire meeting. Easels, A/V equipment and power strips are available at the venue by advance arrangement and at their standard rates.

Vendor Corner booth locations are handled on a first come-first choose basis, so it is important to schedule early.  Locating your Vendor Booth in the meeting room, fairly close to the cash bar is always a prime location!  Some Vendors have chosen to place their booth outside of the meeting room if the cash bar is located in that area.

HGS will post your logo, website/social link(s) and a brief company summary on the HGS website below the technical meeting’s announcement and abstract. The summary should be 2-3 sentences about your product or services. Every effort is made to include a vendor recognition during the HGS meeting announcements (usually read by the HGS Technical Program Chair). Typically, this takes place after dinner and prior to the technical presentation, or just as the attendees sit down to their dinner.

The HGS does not provide the meeting attendee’s names or contact information to Vendor companies. However, you may host a business card drawing with bottles of wine, or a book or some other sort of a door prize. In this case, the vendor can hold onto any business cards that are received for the drawing. If a vendor is doing a business card drawing, please communicate such at the time of reservation and to the Technical Program Chair at the meeting.