Committee Members

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Committee Chairperson
President Jim Tucker  
  AAPG House of Delegates Cheryl Desforges
  Scholarship Night Charles Sternbach
  AGC- Subsurface Intelligence VACANT
    VACANT, co-chair
  AGC- Geomechanics Umesh Prasad
  Awards Mike Nieto
  100th Year Anniversary Charles Sternbach
  Communications Dianna Phu
    Rosemary Laidacker, co-chair
  Nominations Jon Blickwede
President-Elect Mike Erpenbeck  
  Africa Conference Brian Horn
  Calvert Fund Jeff Lund
    Judy Schulenberg, secretary
    Dick Bishop, treasurer
  Foundation Fund Joe Lynch
  Foundation Fund Angela Hammond, treasurer
  Office Management Jim Tucker
  Outcrop Family Campout VACANT
  NeoGeos Joshua Krnavek
Vice President Bryan Guzman  
  Arrangements (Hotel Contracts) Bryan Guzman
  Environmental & Engineering Matthew Cowan
    Troy Meinen, co-chair
  General Meetings (Lunch & Dinner) Bryan Guzman
  International Explorationists Steve Getz
    VACANT, Treasurer
  North American Explorationists Mark Hamzat
    John Bishop, co-chair
  Northsiders' Ian McGlynn
    Jeremy Andrews, treasurer
Secretary Dianna Phu  
  Ballot/Elections VACANT
  HPAC Liason Millie Tonn
  Membership, New Sharie Sartain
  Membership, Growth Gustavo Carpio
Treasurer Brent Boyd  
  Finance VACANT
  Government Affairs / Texas Geoscience Council (TGC) Henry Wise
    Alrin Howles, co-chair
Treasurer-Elect William Gough  
  Vendor's Corner HGS Office
Editor Ceri Davies  
  Advertising Bryan Guzman
Editor-Elect Scott Sechrist  
  Web Management Ollie & Deborah Costello
Director 1 Wayne Camp  
  Continuing Education Thom Tucker

Cheryl Desforges, co-chair

  Field Trips Constantin Platon
  HGS New Publications William Rizer
Director 2 Barbara Hill  
  Academic Liason Paul Mann
  Earth Science Week Sharon Choens
  Educational Outreach

Steven Johansen

Letha Slagle, co-chair

  Museum of Natural Science Inda Immega
    Janet Combes, co-chair
  Science and Engineering Fair Mike Erpenbeck
  ECH Sue Pritchett
    Claudia Ludwig, co-chair
Director 3 Casey Langdon  
  Exhibits Marcus Zinecker
  Social Media Dianna Phu
    Lauren Robinson, co-chair
  Videography Linda Sternbach
Director 4 Bob Fryklund  
  Golf Tournament Elliot Wall
  Guest Night Dave Orchard
  Shrimp Peel Michael Salazar
  Skeet Shoot Howard Wood
  Tennis Tournament Constantin Platon
Office Director

Andrea Peoples




















































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