2019 HGS/EAGE Latin Conference

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Day 1:

Session 1 Business Side of Exploration  
  Diversity of Opportunity Drives Exploration Activity and Value Alana Tischuk, Wood Mackenzie
Session 2 Regional Plays and Source Rock  
  Greater Caribbean Petroleum Systems Craig Schiefelbein, GSI & William Dickson, DIGs
  The Lone Ranger or a Posse of Prospects? A Deepwater Playground from Guyana to Cape Town William Dickson, DIGs & Craig Schiefelbein, GSI
Session 3 Exploration Plays: Uruguay – Argentina  
  New deepwater Clastic Upper Springhill Play in Malvinas Basin,
Offshore Argentina
Swati Ghoshal, BP
  Offshore Northern Argentina – A New Frontier Steve DeVito, TGS
  Solving the Passive Margin Play Map Paradox Offshore Uruguay –
The Value Density Proposition
Katya Casey, Actus Veritas Geoscience LLC
  Shell Upstream Argentina: Creating Value through Technical and Operational Excellence in a Global Super Basin Ed Kruijs, Shell
  Remote Sensing 2.0: Innovative Multispectral Satellite Data Analytics James Reardon, Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc.
Session 4 Exploration Plays: Brazil  
  Deep Learning Assisted Seismic Interpretation Technology Applied to Evaporite Sequences: Case Study Offshore Santos Basin Ana Krueger, BluWare
  Deepwater Santos Basin: Huge Undrilled Pre-Salt Potential Cian O’Reilly, TGS
  Cretaceous Plays of Deep-Water Foz do Amazonas Basin and Amazon Cone Area, North Brazil: Analog Petroleum Systems of the Equatorial Atlantic Passive Margins Lucia Torrado, University of Houston/AGI Exploration
Session 5 Exploration Plays: Venezuela – Guyana  
  Guyana-Suriname Deep Water Hydrocarbon System, Three Rivers and Two Source Rocks Ken Nibbelink, JHI Associates
  Sand Characterization and Provenance of the Guyanese Rivers – Implications for Offshore Sediment Development Ross Taylor, CGG

Day 2:

Session 1 Business Side of Exploration  
  Common Pitfalls in Seismic Imaging in Overthrust Geology and How to Address Them – a Collection of Case Studies from South America Thomas Fieseler, TEECsolutions GmbH
Session 2 Exploration Plays: Venezuela – Guyana  
  The Cretaceous Source Rocks from East Venezuela, Trinidad, Guyana/Suriname Basins, NE South America Francia Galea Alvarez, Actus Veritas Geoscience, LLC
  Insights into the Geological Framework of Northeastern South America Marel Sanchez, Actus Veritas Geoscience, LLC
Session 3 Regional Plays of the Caribbean  
  The Case for Paleogene Convergent Tectonism Along Northern South America BEFORE Diachronous Oblique Caribbean Collision Jim Pindell, Tectonic Analysis Ltd
  An Emerging Play in the Caribbean: Tertiary Carbonate Buildups Peter Lanzarone, BP
  Character of the Caribbean Crust Revealed: Observations of New and Reprocessed Seismic Data Kyle Reuber, Tectonic Analysis Ltd
  Energy Opportunities in Latin America: Investing Through the
Political Cycles
Richard Chuchla,  Jackson School, UT Austin
Session 4 Western Caribbean  
  Petroleum Potential of the Colombia Basin: Insights from New Rock Evaluation Analyses for Regional Seismic Observations Luis Carlos Carvajal-Arenas, University of Houston
  Structural Evolution and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in Offshore Panama in the Caribbean Antara Goswami,  ION
  Exploration Potential of the Northern Offshore Region of Jamaica Gregg H. Blake, Blake Geological Services, LLC
Session 5 Central America  
  Late Cretaceous–Cenozoic Paleogeographic Evolution of the Nicaraguan Platform, Western Caribbean Sea: Implications for Hydrocarbon Potential Lucia Torrado, University of Houston/AGI Exploration
  The Petroleum Geology of Offshore Honduras Christopher Matchette-Downes, CaribX (UK) Limited
  Petroleum Geology and Potential of Guatemala Mark R. Bitter, Marbit Geoconsulting, LLC

*Please note that not all speakers have chosen to release their presentation.

Monday, November 25, 2019