Applied Geoscience Conference - “Geomechanics in Unconventionals”

The 2018 Houston Geological Society Applied Geoscience Conference - Geomechanics in Unconventionals was opened by HGS president John Adamick on November 8th, 2017 at the Southwest Energy Conference Center. Ron Hayden, Southwest Energy Vice President of Technology was there to welcome all participants to the facility for the two-day event. This bi-annual conference provided an update on the latest research on unconventional geomechanics being done by universities and industry.
The HGS Geomechanics Conference Committee was lead by General Chairs Robert Hurt and Umesh Prasad and supported by twenty-two industry experts.

The “Best Poster Award” went to MSc student Ishank Gupta from the University of Oklahoma who presented his research entitled “Water Weakening: Case Study from Marcellus, Woodford and Eagle Ford”.

The “first runner Up Award” went to went to Ph.D. student Zhi Ye from the University of Oklahoma who presented his research entitled “Mechanical Properties and Permeability Evolution of Shale Fractures under Triaxial Loading”.

The “second runner Up Award” went to went to Ph.D. student Matthew Ramos from the University of Texas who presented his research entitled “Stress-Dependent Dynamic-Static Transforms of Anisotropic Mancos Shale”.

The event was generously supported by many industry sponsors including for the event venue. We are particularly thankful to Southwest Energy for allowing the use of their Conference Center which made it possible for HGS to offer this program at a very reasonable cost.

Download the Full Conference Program

Edited Abstracts:

Session Speaker Title
Session 1: Geomechanical Characterization Jesse Hampton A Novel Geomechanical Characterization Methodology for Quantifying Fine Scale Heterogeneity
Session 1: Geomechanical Characterization Mao Bai  Brittleness and Fracability in Stimulating Shale Reservoirs
Session 1: Geomechanical Characterization Ron Nelson The Relationship between Natural Fracture Distribution and Elastic Mechanical Properties in the Subsurface: Measurement and Calibration
Session 1: Geomechanical Characterization Munir Aldin A Novel Way to Characterize Biot’s Coefficient in Unconventionals
Keynote Terry Engelder What Maintains High Pore Pressure in Gas Shale During Exhumation, Long After Thermal Maturation Ceases?
Session 2: Engineering Applications Ahmad Ghassemi Complex Fracture Network Creation in Stimulation of Unconventional Reservoirs
Session 2: Engineering Applications Tobias Hoeink Hydraulic Stimulation in the Presence of Fractures
Session 3: Surveillance and Diagnostics Dan Kahn DAS Microseismic Monitoring and Integration with Strain Measurements in Hydraulic Fracture Profiling
Session 3: Surveillance and Diagnostics Robert Hull Integration of DAS Fiber-Based Strain and Microseismic Data for Monitoring Horizontal Hydraulic Stimulations – Midland Basin Texas Examples
Keynote Lans Taylor Optimized Recovery from Unconventional Reservoirs: How Nanophysics, the Micro-Crack Debate, and Complex Fracture Geometry Impact Operations
Session 4: Case Studies Doug Walser Quantifying the Impact of Induced Asymmetric Fracturing from Horizontal Development Wellbores; a Geostatistical Perspective
Session 4: Case Studies Julie Kowan Efficient Well Delivery in Shale Plays – Examples from the Marcellus and Permian
Session 4: Case Studies Sandeep Mukherjee Characterization of Fractures from Borehole Images
Session 4: Case Studies Sergey Kotov Lateral Characterization and Fracture Optimization Solution with Case Studies