Applied Geomechanics: Through the Life Cycle of the Field

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Day 1:

Session 1 Accessing Target Faster with Safer Wellbores  
  Advanced Seismic Inversion for Geomechanics Applications in Unconventional Reservoirs Colin Sayers, Schlumberger
  Lost-in-hole Diagnostics and Mitigation Agus Tjengdrawira, Baker Hughes
  Laboratory Modelling of Salt Deformation and its Correlation with Drilling Mechanics of Record Hybrid   Drill Bit Runs in the GOM Ashabikash Roy Chowdhury, Baker Hughes
  Novel Pore Pressure Prediction Technique for Unconventional Reservoirs Vivek Swami, CGG
Keynote  Failure of Anisotropic Rocks such as Shales, and Implications for Borehole Stability Robert W. Zimmerman, Dept. of Earth Science & Engineering, Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, London, UK.
Session 2 Optimizing Completion Footprint and Stimulation Designs  
  Digital Rock Simulation: A Novel Approach for Accurate Characterization of Perforation Tunnel Damage Rajani Satti, Baker Hughes
  Digital Twins for Drilling Fluid and How Digitalization Could Help to Reduce the Cost and Increase the   Wellbore Stability Mehrdad G. Shirangi, Baker Hughes
  Stress Sensitivity of Sonic Wave Velocity and the Reliability of Sonic Tools in Unconventional Tight Gas   Sand Reservoirs Tanguy Lhomme, EPSLOG
  Characterizing Off-Normal Occurrence and Leakage Risk at Underground Natural Gas Storage Facilities Richard Schultz, Orion Geomechanics


Day 2:

Session 3 Post-stimulation Diagnostics and Monitoring  
  Geomechanics of Unconventional Hydraulic Fracturing Clusters, Complexity, “Frac-Hits” and All That Ahmad Ghassemi, The University of Oklahoma
  Estimation of Propped Fracture Geometry Using Electromagnetic Geophysics Terry Palisch and Souvik Mukherjee, CARBO Ceramics
  Near and Far Field DAS Diagnostics for Unconventional Reservoir Monitoring Andres Chavarria, Optasense
  Early Warning Systems – Using PTA Analysis of DFITs to Understand Complex Hydraulic Fractures and   Optimize Treatment Designs Bob Bachman, CGG
Keynote Integrating Geology and Geophysics into Engineering Workflows to Enhance Unconventional Production Tony Settari, CGG
Session 4 Extending the Life of the Field: Production, Refracturing, and EOR  
  Role of Multiple Fracturing of Vertical And Horizontal Wells in Maximizing Production and Extending    Life of the Field Prof. Mohamed Soliman, University of Houston
  Limits on the Accuracy of Pore Pressure Estimates by Analysis of Random Measurement Error and Means for Improvement Mark Herkommer, Excellence Logging
  Extending the Life of Enhanced Permeability Zones Created During Hydraulic Fracturing Ron Dusterhoft, Halliburton
  Narrowing the Gap Between Water Based and Oil Based Drilling Fluids: A Novel Bridging Additive and   it’s Success Justin Porter, Baker Hughes

*Please note that not all speakers have chosen to release their presentation.

Monday, November 25, 2019