AGC- Subsurface Intelligence & Analytics Conference

Session 1 Automation - Reliability and Productivity    
  Automated Geosteering using a Bayesian Network Hugh Winkler download- full
  Combined Automation of Geologic Log Correlation and Directional Drilling Bill Chmela download- edited
  Transforming Well Path Planning: You Can Plan the Most Productive Well and Drill it, too David Cotrell download- full
  Automated Log Editing Using Machine Learning Fred Jenson download- full
Session 2 Leveraging Cloud and Machine Learning to Transform How Geoscientists Work Data    
  Transforming Seismic and Geoscience Data Workflows Utilizing Cloud and Machine Learning Technology John Adamick no release
  Using Multi-Attribute Seismic Neural Analysis from Interpretation Through Reservoir Estimation – A Full-Cycle Workflow Deborah K. Sacrey download- edited
  Bootstrapping Lithology Classification Tobias Hoeink no release
  Machine-Learned Mapping of Basin-wide Salt: Old Data – New Methods Scott Morris download- full
Session 3 Digital Transformation of the Geosciences – Hype or Hope    
  Key Note
How We Get From Bytes to Barrels in the Delaware Basin
David O'Brien no release
  Evolution of Drilling Data and Geological Data Utilization in Drilling Optimization Ernest Onyia download- edited
  (Artificially) Intelligent Methods to Maximize Value from Piston Core Geochemistry: An Example from Offshore Nigeria Benjamin Kirkland download- edited
  Spatial Seismic Waveform Analysis using Enhanced Similarity Algorithm Daniel De Lilla no release
  Generative Adversarial Networks in Seismic Data Processing Stephen Alwon download- edited
Session 4 Machine Learning and Data Analytics in Exploration and Production    
  Identifying New Drilling Areas in Midland Basin Integrating Geological Mapping, Predictive Analytics and GIS Technology Camilo Rodriguez download- full
  The Use of Machine Learning to Enhance Faults and Fractures Detection in Seismic Data Hesham Refayee download- full
  Machine Learning-Based Approach to Assistive Well Log Correlation Seth Brazell download- edited
  Applying Artificial Intelligence to Seismic Data for Enhanced Earth Modeling Richard Koseluk download- full
  Digital Transformation and Deep Learning in E&P Bode Omoboya no release
  Using Machine Learning for Fault Detection in Unconventional Reservoir Development Cody Comiskey no release