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The Houston Geological Society is a society with a global view. The HGS includes students, geologists, geophysicists and academic experts. Our objectives are to stimulate interest and promote the advancement of the geosciences, to disseminate and facilitate discussion of geological information, to enhance professional interaction among geoscientists, and to aid and encourage academic training in the geosciences. As an HGS member, you will receive special privileges, discounts, and priority event registration. If you are an active AAPG member, please support this society and become an active HGS member!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Membership does not start automatically when you submit payment. You must meet the qualifications for membership and be approved by the HGS Board of Directors before your membership is active. If your membership lapses and is not renewed consecutively per year, you may have to re-apply for membership and go through the full process of approval.

There are three (3) membership types for joining Houston Geological Society that you may apply for: Active, Associate, and Student. In addition, there are two (2) special membership classes that can only be awarded by the Board of Directors: Honorary Life and Emeritus.


Active Membership
In order to qualify for Active Membership, you must have a degree in geology or an allied geoscience from an accredited college or university or, have a degree in science or engineering from an accredited college or university and have been engaged in the professional study or practice of earth science for at least 5 years. Active Members shall be entitled to vote, stand for election, and serve as an officer in the Society. Active Members pay $30.00 in dues.

Associate Membership
Associate Members do not have a degree in geology or allied geoscience but are engaged in the application of the earth sciences. Associate Members are not entitled to vote, stand for elections or serve as an officer in the Society. Associate Members pay $30.00 in dues.

Student Membership

Student membership is for full-time students enrolled in geology or an allied geoscience. Student Members are not entitled to vote, stand for elections or serve as an officer in the Society. Student Member dues are currently waived (free). Students will have a 24 month grace period after graduation. After a student graduates and receives a job, he/she must apply for Active membership to HGS.


Honorary Membership

The Executive Board may from time to time elect as Honorary Life Members persons who have distinguished themselves in the science of Geology, or who have contributed outstanding service to the success and welfare of the Society.
Honorary Members shall also be considered Active Members, but shall not be required to pay dues.

Emeritus Membership

Members who attain the age of 65 and have been Active members of HGS for a minimum of 10 years may request Emeritus status by contacting the HGS office. Emeritus Members shall also be considered Active Members. Emeritus Members pay $15.00 in dues.

  • Membership Administrative Year: July 1 through June 30.
  • Annual dues are $30.00
  • Emeritus members (over 65) pay $15.00  
  • Fees are currently waived (free) for full-time students who apply to be members