17th Annual Africa Conference

Theme 1 African Exploration in the Evolving Business Environment - Above Ground Risks and Rewards    
  The Golden Age of Super Basins - An African Perspective Charles Sternbach download
  Entering the Next Phase of the Oil Price Cycle: What It Means for E&P in Sub-Saharan Africa Emma Woodward download
Theme 2 New and Emerging Exploration Trends    
  Why is Everyone Excited About the Sao Tome and Principe EEZ; the Four Key Reasons Why This Has Been One of the Hottest Areas for Exploration in 2017 Matt Tyrrell download
  Compelling Evidence for Oil Offshore Angoche, Mozambique Neil Hodgson  
  Chasing the TAGI Play into Morocco: Assessing the Contribution of Local Versus Regional Drainage Systems on the Character and Provenance of Upper Triassic Fluvial Deposits Jonathan Redfern  
  Palaeozoic to Present: Assessing the Petroleum Potential of the Offshore Sirt Basin, Libya, Using Newly Reprocessed Regional-scale 2D Seismic Data Lisa Fullarton not released
  Exploration in Africa Past, Present and Future – A Historical Perspective Bob Fryklund  
  Break-up Processes in the Presence of Plume Magmatism: New Insights into the Tectonostratigraphic Development and Petroleum Potential of the Austral South Atlantic Ken McDermott not released
  The Austral South Atlantic: Early Formation and Crustal Structure of the Orange and Cape Basins Dale Bird not released
  Post-rift Potential Source Rock Correlations and Prospectivity of the Deep Atlantic Conjugate Margins South of the Walvis Ridge Ian Davison not released
  Offshore Somalia: Source Rock Identification in a Frontier Margin Neil Hodgson  
  Hunting the SNE in Guinea Bissau Neil Hodgson  
  Gabon’s Wild West Frontier Promises a Golden Age of Discovery for the Deep Offshore Tony Younis download
  Gabon Deep Offshore: New Petroleum System Insights from the Full Integration of Geology and Geophysics Rob Crossley  
Theme 3 Developing and Integrating Geological Concepts: Impact on Exploration in Africa    
  Entrenched Slope Channel Complex Systems: Reservoir Opportunities
Through Understanding Architectural Element Distribution and
Application to West Africa E&P
Bryan Cronin download
  Towards the Development of an Integrated Central Atlantic
Tectono-Stratigraphic Framework
Max Casson not released
  Reservoir Modeling of a Deep-Water West African Reservoir: A Fully
Integrated, Multi-Scenario Approach
Monica Miley download
  Sedimentological Characteristics of Deepwater Sandstones Associated with
Transgressive-Regressive Cycles Offshore Ghana
Luisa Man not released
  Magmatic Modification of African Crust: Implications for Strain
Localization and Basin Subsidence
Cynthis Ebinger download
  Dynamic Topography: How Mantle Convection Generates Accommodation
Space and Leaves a Trace in the Geologic Record
Lorenzo Colli  
  Tracing the West and Central African Rift and Shear Systems Offshore onto
Oceanic Crust: a “Rolling” Triple Junction
William Dickson download
  Influence of Proterozoic Heritage on Development of Rift Segments in the
Equatorial Atlantic
Ana Krueger  
Theme 4 What We Thought We Knew: Exploration Concepts to Production Reality    
  The Evolution of the Pre-Salt Play in the Kwanza Benguela
Basins, Angola
Andrew Witt no released
  A New Beginning: Remaining Potential and the Case for Investment
in the Niger Delta
Paul Bellingham  
  Play Fairway and Petroleum Systems Analysis of Nigeria’s Cretaceous Benin
(Dahomey) Basin: Key to Unlocking Additional Hydrocarbon Volumes from
an Emerging Exploration Trend
Olusanmi Emmanuel  
  Jubilee Field: From World Class Exploration Discovery to Producing Asset.
Learnings from 7 Years of Production
Kathryn Dawson  
  Jubilee to Liza: Lessons From a
Decade of Exploration in the Central Atlantic
Keith Myers  


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