AAPG Delegates

AAPG Delegates Houston Geological Society

Term: 2015 – 2018

Lee Backsen
Pat Gordon
Meredith Faber
(In order of Succession)
Richard Ball
Scott Douglas
Sean Kimiagar
Term: 2016 – 2019
Jeff Allen
Robert Archer
Robert "Bob" Ardell
Kathleen Bennett
Jennifer Burton
Martin Cassidy
Gary Coburn
Cheryl Desforges
Craig Dingler
Kristen Frederick
Steve Getz
Tarek Ghazi
Gretchen Gillis
Lisa "Rusty" Goetz
Paul Hoffman
Michael Jones
Barry J. Katz
Rosemary Laidacker
Stephen Levine
William "Bill" Matthews
Evelyn Medvin
Ron Meers
Bonnie Milne-Andrews
Clint Moore
Robert Pledger
Rusty Riese
Patricia Santogrossi
Carl K. Steffensen
Justin Vandenbrink
(In order of Succession)
Hunter Lockhart
Jaka Hardiwinangun
At-Large Delegates
John Amoruso
Dick Bishop
George Bole
Paul Britt
Martha Lou Broussard
Larry Jones
Jeff Lund
David Rensink
Dan Smith
Michael Sweet

Term: 2017 - 2020

Michael Barnes, P.G.
Steven Brachman
Margaret Dalthorp
Inda Immega
David Kronman
Claudia Ludwig
April Parsons
James Richards
Judy Schulenberg
Sarah Stanley
James Tucker

Sharma Dronamraju
Nabiel S. Eldam
Michael Erpenbeck
Sean Kimiagar
Kenneth Mohn
Anthony Salem
Gerrit Wind
Joshua Woodworth
Weixen "Wayne" Xu


Each year some number of AAPG HGS area delegates to the AAPG House of Delegates see their terms expire come June 30.  New delegates must be elected and alternates will also voted upon to fill vacancies as they occur.  Currently, 6 delegate terms will expire on June 30, 2018.  Due to membership changes, 29 delegates plus alternates will be elected to replace those whose terms expire.  These delegates and alternates will serve from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2020.  HGS elects other delegates (and alternates) on staggered three-year terms.  There are 3 delegates whose terms expire in 2018 and an additional 30 delegates whose terms expire in 2019.

Steve Brachman will serve as the Houston-area AAPG HOD group chairman for the fiscal year 2017-2020. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Steve (sbrachman@wapitienergy.com) or any other member of the delegation listed here. These delegates are your elected voice to AAPG and a link between the national AAPG and local geological societies like the HGS, so let your opinions be known.

HoD Handbook

HoD Rules Procedures

HGS/AAPG members who have agreed to run for AAPG delegate positions are listed to the left. New nominee information will be posted in the April Bulletin.  Anyone wishing to run for AAPG delegate can contact John Jordan, HGS Nominations Committee Chairman.  Deadline for nominations is January 31st.

Candidates for AAPG House of delegates have these responsibilities:

·        Attend monthly AAPG HoD meetings as scheduled by the Houston delegation chairman.

·        Attend the annual HoD meeting at the ACE conventions from 2017-2020, Houston (2017), Salt Lake City (2018), and San Antonio (2019).

·        In 2017 there are 20 candidates for 11 delegate positions. The highest 11 vote recipients will be delegates, the next 9 will serve as alternates. In 2016 candidates are needed for 29 delegate positions. The highest 11 vote recipients will be delegates, the remaining candidates will serve as alternates.

·        Must be an active, current dues-paying AAPG member.  Current active HGS member status is encouraged.