AAPG Delegates

Houston Geological Society AAPG Delegates

At-Large Delegates

Dick Bishop
George Bole
Paul Britt
Martha Lou Broussard
Larry Jones
Jeff Lund

Charles Sternbach

Term: 2020-2023 Delegates
Mike Erpenbeck
Inda Immega
Sean Kimiagar
David Kronman
Lanette Marcha
Kenneth Mohn
James Richards
Judy Schulenberg
Dianne Tompkins
Jim Tucker

2020-2023 Alternates
Sharma Dronamraju


2019-2022 HGS Delegates:
Robert Archer
Richard Ball
Jon Blickwede
Matt Campbell
Martin Cassidy
Cheryl Desforges
Craig M. Dingler
Meredith Faber
Barry J. Katz

Rosemary Laidacker
William Matthews
David McGee
Robert Pledger
John Pritchett

Scott Sechrist
Gary Steffens
Justin Vandenbrink
Nicole Villarreal
Patricia Walker


2019-2022 HGS Alternates:
Jonathan Allen
Matthew Brzostowski
Dave Cole
John Deck
Brian Elias
Olusanmi Olatunde Emmanuel
William Gough
Clint Hipke
Nick Nelson
David Paddock
Barry Rava
Neil Sullivan
John Tackett
Michael Vosbein

Each year some number of AAPG HGS area delegates to the AAPG House of Delegates see their terms expire come June 30.  New delegates must be elected and alternates will also voted upon to fill vacancies as they occur. HGS elects other delegates (and alternates) on staggered three-year terms.  

Steven Getz will serve as the Houston-area AAPG HOD group Foreman for the fiscal year 2022-2023. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Steven Getz (slgetz@outlook.com) or any other member of the delegation listed here. These delegates are your elected voice to AAPG and a link between the national AAPG and local geological societies like the HGS, so let your opinions be known.

HoD Handbook

HoD Rules Procedures

HGS/AAPG members who have been elected to AAPG delegate positions are listed to the left. The next HGS HoD election to fill vacancies will be held in late Spring 2022.

Members of the AAPG House of delegates have these responsibilities:

· Attend monthly AAPG HoD meetings as scheduled by the Houston delegation chairman.

· Attend the annual HoD meeting.

· Candidates to be considered for nomination must be active AAPG members with up-to-date dues payment. Current, Active HGS membership status is also encouraged.