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HGS Advertising Opportunities


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There are several ways to advertise your services or company with the Houston Geological Society:


Website Advertising

HGS website attracts 25,000+ visits per month. Your company can advertise with these options:

  • Website Sponsor - To advertise as a Web Page Sponsor, you must provide the graphic and the URL it should link to when clicked. The format can be either GIF or JPG, preferably interlaced or progressive. Strip ads must be 120 W X 90 H pixels. Calendar ads must be 200 W X 400 H pixels. Both ads cannot be more than 8 bits per pixel with a maximum of 256 colors. Calendar ads appear on the left navigation of Calendar page and on the Home page. A limited number of banner ads are available on the big banner on the home page - contact the ads@hgs.org for more info. To arrange to become a Website Sponsor, contact ads@hgs.org and complete the form on page 8. NOTE: There are only 10 calendar spaces available.
  • Business Cards - A Web Business Card Ad is free to all HGS members with the purchase of one year (10 issues) Digital Bulletin Business Card Ad in Black & White. These ads have been optimized for search engines. To view business cards on our website, go to http://www.hgs.org/membership-business-cards. To place your Business Card ad please email ads@hgs.org.
  • Event/Short course Calendar Ad - You can post ads for events/short courses on our calendar. 30 days the charge is $250.00. To arrange to put your short course or event calendar ad on our website calendar or to get more information, contact: ads@hgs.org.
  • Geo Job Postings - Advertise your available Geo Job here. Contact Ads@hgs.org $50 - 14 days, $100 - 30 days.
  • Weekly Newsletter Sponsor or $100/month with logo and link
  • Prospect Corner- HGS is offering FREE web space for members to post their prospect for sale, until further notice. 

HGS Meeting and Event Advertising

  • Vendor Corner - The Vendor Corner opportunity allows informal commercial presentations at the HGS Dinner meetings. This allows you to convey information to the audience. It also provides a useful focal point for discussions during the social hour. The funds that Vendors pay to host the Vendor Corners are directed 100% to our HGS Student scholarships at $500.00. For further details, please contact office@hgs.org.
  1.  Presentations may be poster-style; or brochures; or they may project onto a wall, screen, or pop-up booth.
  2.  The vendor will get one linked logo ad in the HGS website calendar event.

 The vendor must supply the logo (150 x 36 pixels) and the URL to the webmaster

  • Major HGS Conferences – We are always looking for sponsors for the following events. We project at least 200 attendees at these major events. 

   If you would like to sponsor any of these events, please email office@hgs.org.

  1. HGS Guest Night
  2. HGS AGC Geomechanics Conference (Geomechanics)
  3. HGS Applied Geoscience Conference (Mudrocks)
  4. HGS-PESGB Conference on African E&P (Houston)
  5. HGS Golf Tournament
  6. HGS Skeet Shoot
  7. HGS Shrimp Peel
  8. HGS Tennis Tournament


Advertising in HGS Bulletin

  • HGS Bulletin - Published 10 times a year available digitally on the HGS website, the HGS Bulletin is an outstanding technical journal sent electronically to all current members and to subscribing libraries around the world. We have available full page ads space, half page ad space (h/v), quarter page ad space (h/v), an eighth of a page ad space. We also have Business card ads available only in black and white for $160.00. Please contact ads@hgs.org or complete the form.

Promote Your Business with HGS!

We like to think of you as one of our greatest assets. We are honored to have been selected by you or your company, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.