Sponsor a Member's Dues

HGS is starting a new program where current members can get a tax deduction and also support the Society by volunteering to pay dues which will reinstate a past member of their choice.  Current members should go to the www.hgs.org homepage and click the blue button donate at the top of the page.

Sponsor one renewal for $30 or any multiples of $30.  Select “Sponsor a Members Dues” from the category drop-down menu.  Donors can choose which member to sponsor in January 2018 by looking over a list of names sent by the HGS office.

 A lot of local geologists were affected by Hurricane Harvey in August during annual dues renewal. Your generous donation will allow HGS to renew dues from geoscientists who lost their membership in HGS because they couldn’t pay yearly dues. Or you may want to give a gift of membership renewal to senior geoscientists so they can continue to get the HGS Bulletin and members discounts.

Act before December 31, 2017, and make a geoscientist happy!