Mudrocks 2018 Presentations


Oral Presentations- Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Session 1: Diagenetic Components of Mudrocks and Their Impact on Production
Chairs: Tina Calvin, Wayne Camp and Ian McGlynn

Title Speaker Abstract Link
Quartz Cementation in Mudrocks: How Common Is It? Kitty Milliken, Bureau of Economic
Geology, The University of Texas at Austin
edited abstract
Organic Diagenesis (Artificial Thermal Maturation Studies) –
Pyrolysis with SEM Observations
Bobby Hooghan, Weatherford
; Lori Hathon, University of
edited abstract
Fluid Inclusion Technology Applications for Mudrock Petroleum
Source Rocks
Don Hall, Fluid Inclusion Technologies, a
Schlumberger Company
edited abstract

Session 2: Nanoscale Intra-Kerogen Porosity and Hydrocarbon Phase Producibility/Wettability
Chairs: Avrami Grader, James Macquaker and Steve Geetan

Title Speaker Abstract Link
Reservoir Quality of the Middle Bakken Controlled by a 300 Ma
History of Carbonate Cementation and Dolomitization
Andy Aplin, Durham University;
M . Brodie, J .W . Valley, I .J . Orland, B .S . Hart
released abstract
From Pores to Production – Modeling the Combined Flow Behavior in Organic and Mineral Hosted Porosity Systems Steve Geetan, Richard M. MacDonald, Denis Klemin released abstract

Keynote Chair: Arlin Howles

Title Speaker Abstract Link
Keynote: Water Resource Issues within Unconventional Resource
Development in the Permian Basin
Dr. Bridgett Scanlon
The University of Texas

Session 3: Predicting Petrophysical Flow Properties Using Digital Rock Physics
Chairs: Timothy Diggs and Matt Bratovich

Title Speaker Abstract Link
A Digital Rock Investigation of the Role of Knudsen Number for Flow
in Unconventional Reservoirs
Juan Bautista, EXA Corp.  
Multi-Phase Fluid Imbibition, Distribution and Wettability in Shale
through Synchrotron Based Dynamic Micro-CT Imaging
Sheng Peng, Bureau of Economic Geology,
The University of Texas at Austin
released abstract
A Multiscale Study of Fluid Flow in Mudrock Systems Farzam Javadpour, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin released abstract

Session 4: Geophysical Methods for Producibility, Fracability and GeoHazards
Chairs: Lisa Neelen and Shon Bourgeois

Title Speaker Abstract Link
PP-PS Joint Inversion Feasibility Study – Oklahoma Unconventional
Resource Play Example
Pete Christianson, Magdy Ghattas,
Robert Hu
, Marathon
edited abstract
Using Airborne Full Tensor Gradiometry to Aid in Recognition and
Risk Assessment of Dissolution Karst within Permian Evaporites,
Delaware Basin, Texas
Alan Morgan, Bell Geospace  


Oral Presentations- Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Session 5: Analytics Applications for Improved Hydrocarbon Recovery
Chairs: Andrew Silver and Brian Velardo

Title Speaker Abstract Link
Multivariate Modelling of Oil and Gas Production Using Geology
and Completion Factors
Dr. Richard Batsell, Rice University edited abstract
The Abuse of R2: How Correlation Statistics are Misunderstood
and Misused
Andrew Silver, Creeta Resources, LLC  
Log Response Groups: Letting the Data Speak For Itself J. L. Gevirtz and A. P. Ovalle, Halliburton Global Consulting edited abstract

Session 6: Hybrid/Tight/Complex Opportunities
Chairs: Obie Djordjevic and Barbara Hil

Title Speaker Abstract Link
The Vaca Muerta Play (Neuquen Basin, Argentina) . A Case Where
Bentonites Help to Assess Early Development Areas, Predict TOC and
Quantify Lateral Facies Variations
Daniel Minisini, Shell not releasable
Depositional Interpretation and Sequence Stratigraphic Control on
Reservoir Quality and Distribution in the Meramec STACK Play:
Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
Buddy Price, A. Pollack, A. Lamb, Devon Energy  

Session 7: Technology Applications for Stimulated Rock Volume Versus Drained Rock Volume
Chairs: Luis Baez and Eric Michaels

Title Speaker Abstract Link
Accelerating Completions Concept Select in Unconventional Plays
Using Diagnostics and Frac Modelling
Ali Azad, Kiran Somanchi, Jim Brewer
and Dan Yang Shell
ed industry member developed program includes the latest University Research (Poster Program Event), supporting Cores (Mult Jason Jweda, ConocoPhillips not releasable
Sampling a Stimulated Rock Volume Kevin Raterman, ConocoPhillips released abstract

Session 8: Operator Cases of Integrated Applied Geoscience for Fun and Profit
Chairs: John Breyer and Raj Malpani

Title Speaker Abstract Link
Permian Basin Wolfcamp: Field Development, Critical Data Acquisition,
Integration and Workflow
Phil Lindner, John Ndungu, Pioneer;
Kyle Scott, Omkar Jaripatke, Hector
Bello, Weichun Chu, Pioneer Resources
not releasable


Monday, March 19, 2018