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From the Editor | May 2023

Science Fact of Fiction: 
As my penultimate letter as editor, I want to write about what I consider several related items. These are my word only. They do not represent the opinions or positions of the Board of the HGS or its members.

From the President | February 2023

Fellow geoscientists and HGS Members!  In all respects the HGS had a great January!  

As we move into month two of our 100th year as a professional society the momentum continues to build in membership, improved attendance/participation in events, and in making progress toward achieving our goal of financial sustainability.

From the President | January 2023

Happy New Year fellow geoscientists and HGS Members! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year’s break and had a chance to recharge. In keeping with the theme to rebuild our technical community hosting in-person events, we have an exciting spring planned for the Houston Geological Society as we move into our 100th Year of the Society.

From the Editor | January 2023

Well, if you are reading this you have made it past 2022. It has been a trying year for many of us. But 2023 is the 100th Anniversary year of the founding of the Houston Geological Society. There are a number of events in the planning stages to honor this occasion. Some members are hard at work generating a Special Bulletin Commemorative Issue to come out later in the year. 

From the Editor | December 2022

Well, we are coming to the end of another calendar year and one that has been very trying for most of us connected to the Oil and Gas industry. We work every day with the challenges our Earth presents to us to finding and developing energy resources that power our standard of living. We also deal with the challenges of economics in this endeavor. Of late there has been the added challenge of governmental regulations and outright efforts to eliminate the use fossil fuels in the “Climate Change Crisis”.

From the Editor | November 2022

Last week I once again had one of my most rewarding experiences as a geologist.  As part of the Bones in Schools program, I was able to speak to a class of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students at a local school about geology and in this case, more specifically, paleontology.  I was joined by two other HGS members, Chuck Caughey and Brian Bottoms.  We told them about what a geologist does and about the world of fossils. 

From the President | October 2022

Greetings fellow HGS members.  We have nearly closed our first active month of this new business year.

I am pleased to report it has been a successful September on all fronts and we are moving forward on the Three Point Plan of increasing membership, rebuilding community with in-person events, and working toward financial stability.

From the Editor | June 2022

It has been a profound honor and a great privilege to work with every HGS Board Member, Committee Chair and their hardworking Members, to our vital HGS Educational Outreach and Scholarship Program Volunteers; and, of course, our great HGS Office Staff, Andi Peoples and Alyssa Cushing.

From the President | April 2022

Most organizations whose members pay dues or initiation fees have in their constitution or by-laws stipulations for raising those fees over time.  These happen in the recognition that the costs of doing business increase from year to year, and even in organizations that are largely volunteer-run have overhead costs subject to price in

From the Editor | April 2022

NEWS FLASH: AAPG - SPE MERGER PLANS TERMINATED on 11 March, 2022. The AAPG and SPE Presidents both announced the termination of the merger plans. In the announcement, it was stated that the AAPG Executive Committee met on 11 March and a vote to continue work on the merger and proceed to a member vote failed.

From the Editor | March 2022


The proposed merger of AAPG and SPE has been postponed for an indefinite period of time. The need for change to assure survival will remain. Every AAPG Member must determine and express their own opinion.

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