HGS Community Outreach – “Flooding and Floodplains in Houston: Past, Present and Future” by William Dupre, PhD

Dr. William Dupre,  retired University of Houston professor, gave a well-received talk on flooding in the Houston area to over 95 people at the Bayland Community Center on May 18, 2018. 

He discussed how flooding over the last three years has caused residents and professionals alike to reconsider how we evaluate and respond to flood hazards in the Houston region. Dr. Dupre discussed how watershed and floodplains are defined and mapped. He provided a handout and discussed how individuals can obtain (and Understand) information on local watersheds and floodplain maps. He went over recent floods, including how floods are measured and how flood frequency is calculated.  Please download the presentation notes!

Dupre Notes pt. 1

Dupre Notes pt. 2

Dr. Dupre’s presentation of two hours included the importance of how and why floods and floodplains in Houston have changed in the past, and are likely to change in the future.
Of particular interest was his review of the possible approaches to reducing flood risk in the future.

HGS sponsored the Community Outreach as a lead up to the HGS Flood Conference “Flooding in Southeast Texas: The Science Behind the Flooding” at the University of Houston on June 6-7. Dr. Dupre will be one of the keynote speakers at Flood Conference. Dr. Dupre is Professor Emeritus of Geology at the University of Houston in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.










News Article by Rosemary Laidacker, HGS Communications Committee.