Earth Science Outreach

"Earth Materials in Our Lives"

An Online Experience

October 11- 17, 2020


This year’s event emphasizes the ways Earth materials impact humans, and the way human activity impacts these materials - in the 21st century.

Due to COVID restrictions, Earth Science Week will not be held at the Houston Museum of Natural Science this year, but instead celebrated online with links to various media each day of the week. 

We will provide links to videos, field trips, etc. that engage young people and others in exploring the relationship between Earth materials and people. Each day of Earth Science week will focus on a different geoscience.

Sunday, October 11

Event TBA

Monday, October 12

Event TBA

Tuesday, October 13

Event TBA 

Wednesday, October 14 

Event TBA 

Thursday, October 15 

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Friday, October 16 

Event TBA 

Saturday, October 17 

Event TBA



Earth Science Week promotes the understanding and appreciation of the value of Earth Science research and its appreciation and relevance to our daily lives.  The Houston Geological Society is honored to join in this celebration that is organized nationally by AGI each year.

• To engage students in discovering the Earth sciences.
• To remind people that Earth science is all around us.
• To encourage Earth stewardship through understanding.
• To motivate geoscientists to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about the Earth.

This event provides a lot of opportunities for our members to give back to the community and share our passion for science.   If you would like to take part, please contact the Earth Science Committee Chair Sharon Choens.


2017 Field Trip Downloads:

Panther Creek Field Guide
Directions to Panther Creek Field Trip
Student 2-page Field Guide
Field Activity Risk Hazard
Field Trip Waiver
20 page Student version - Panther Creek Guide
General version - Panther Creek Guide

2015 Field Trip Downloads:

HGS 2015 Salt Dome Field Trip Poster
HGS 2015 Sea Level Field Trip Poster
McFaddin Beach Trip Information


Earth Science Week: Art, Essay, and Multimedia Contest

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