Stone City Member: Main Glauconite Bed Study Guide

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Main Glauconite Bed (MGB) Study Guide Introduction

The Stone City Bluff is a special location on the Texas Gulf Coast Plain. It is the best of relatively few places where marine rocks of Paleogene age are exposed and available for public access. This access provides a window into Middle Eocene rocks that were deposited in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 41.8 million years ago. Geologists study outcrops such as these to understand the environments of deposition and the processes controlling sediment deposition. Information gleaned from an outcrop can help in oil exploration, paleontology, understanding of ancient climate and groundwater hydrology. The objective of this Study Guide is to present a comprehensive summary of the Main Glauconite Bed (MGB) found at Stone City Bluff. This Bed contains a rich fossil fauna and lithology that has attracted explorers and researchers since the mid 1800’s and research continues on this bed. It is hoped that with this Guide you, as an interested student, teacher or hobbiest can be part of that research. A bibliography of subject matter pertinent to the Stone City Bluff is attached with this Guide.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015
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