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From the Editor - Sept 2011a
As We Set Out to Produce this – The 54th Volume – of the Bulletin
HGS Newsletter - October, 2003

HGS October Meeting Highlights:

<center>PC Workstation Technology<br>and Its Impact on The Independent/Consultant</center> November 25, 1997 HGS Bulletin

PC Workstation Technologyand Its Impact on the Independent/Consultant
by Deborah Sacrey, HGS Treasurer and Independent Consultant, DKS ExplorationNovember, 1997

1997 Member Remembrances January 1, 1998 HGS Bulletin

1997 Member Remembrances

Bartling, "Ted" C.
July 5, 1997

Our Best Times Memories, Interviews and Recollections Across the Years August 1, 1998 Houston Geological Society

Chester A, BairdHGS President 1980-81During my term, I remember mostly the people I met and worked with, especially the strong support I received from the HGS Executive Board and m

A History of the Standing Committees Specialized Groups Meet Member's Needs August 1, 1998 Houston Geological Society

History of the International Explorationists Groupby Denise Stone and Carolyn Miracle Ross

Countdown to the 21st Century The 1998 HGS Technical Symposium August 1, 1998 Houston Geological Society

The HGS held a Technical Symposium as a 75th anniversary event on March 31, 1998 at the Marriott Galleria Hotel and Exhibition Center.

Houston Geological Auxiliary: A Short History August 1, 1998 Houston Geological Society

It was the air-conditioning! That was the foundation for the big boom growth of Houston in 1950 when it became the most air-conditioned city in the world.

75th Anniversary Gala August 1, 1998 Houston Geological Society

The Houston Geological Society held its 75th Anniversary Gala the evening of June 13, 1998 at the Petroleum Club.

Epilogue August 1, 1998 Houston Geological Society

A publication such as this takes a lot of work, and a lot of workers to bring it all together. Special thanks are due to many Members and other individuals.