From the Editor - Sept 2011a

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As We Set Out to Produce this – The 54th Volume – of the Bulletin

I am privileged to serve HGS membership as your incoming Editor. I welcome this opportunity to participate with this year’s leadership team in bringing to reality HGS programs for 2011-2012 and in planning programs that will be implemented during the upcoming years.

The overarching theme by which this Board of Directors has opted to operate is “HGS’ Strategic Plan: Charting a Path for Growth”. All members of the HGS are certainly invited and encouraged to journey together in this quest of our future state. There are, and in the coming months , there will be many opportunities to volunteer to work on committees that will build-out the specific goals, objectives, and programs aligned with the stated vision and mission of the society. Consult the HGS Bulletin and website to keep appraised of the processes and progress as we chart the path forward.

It is by the virtues of its monthly technical program that HGS has undoubtedly earned and maintained reputation as a premier society for those with interest in the associated Earth science disciplines. Credit for our outstanding technical program is owed to many. However, I’d like to credit specifically those authors whom have found the HGS Bulletin the preferred outlet for their publications, and those presenters whom have found HGS Dinner and Luncheon meet ings the prefer red forum for their presentations. It is, after all, those authors and presenters that have provided the sustenance of our monthly meetings and the relevant content for our Bulletin. The continued success this program requires the ongoing monthly contributions of authors and presenters. I ask that each of our members consider offering for publication an abstract to accompany a luncheon or dinner talk, or a technical article on any subject of interest to our readership, or a letter to the Editor to voice an opinion.

HGS has an expert organization of committees that work to fuel our monthly Dinner and Luncheon meetings. Please contact the any of the present committee members if you would like to volunteer a presentation: David Meaux (Arrangements and General Meetings), Justin Vandenbrink (International Explorationists), Steve Getz (North American Interest Group), Matthew Cowan (Environmental and Engineering Geologists), and Simon Hughes and David Tonner (Northsiders).

Finally, I must take this opportunity to recognize the volunteer members of the Editorial Board for continuing their dedication, hard work and support as we set out to produce this — the 54th volume — of the Bulletin: thank you James Ragsdale, Charles Revilla, and Fang Lin. Congratulations to Patricia Santogrossi who assumes responsibility of Editor-elect. And there is one other individual deserving special recognition: that is outgoing Editor Barry Katz. Thank you Barry for providing me with much appreciated and purposeful mentoring during my term as your Editor-elect.