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About the Committee:

The HGS Continuing Education committee organizes and presents short courses, seminars and symposia for HGS members and the local geoscience community. We using the efforts of  many talented members of the Houston geoscience community to present high quality, state of the art programs on timely topics. 

Past programs have included: 

• 2011: Salt tectonics of passive margins
• 2011: Quality Control for Subsurface Maps
• 2010: Risk and Uncertainty Analysis of Unconventional Plays
• 2009: Petroleum Geology of Deep-Water Clastic (Turbidite) Depositional Systems.
• 2009: Risk Analysis of Seismic Amplitude-Bearing Prospects.
• 2009: Sequence Stratigraphy and Its Application to Petroleum Exploration in Onshore Mesozoic Salt Basins, Gulf Coastal Plain.
• 2008: Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources Symposium.
• 2008: An Overview of Exploration Risk Analysis for Senior Management. 


Committee Officers:

Committee Chair: Thom Tucker 

Committee Co-Chair: Cheryl Desforges 


Upcoming Events:

Details to come 


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