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From the Editor- December 2017

Finish Strong

.....Recently I had discussion with a colleague about advice her father had regarding the value of excellence at work. He was recalling his experience of colleagues he worked with for many years and how they had approached their job performance during their final days of employment. Some had taken positions with another firm and others had decided to retire after many years in the industry. His observations were poignant with regard to how these people decided to ‘finish’ their last days on the job. The descriptions varied from “checked out” to “short timer’s disease” or more commonly “they just don’t give a hoot”. He noted the extreme exception was someone who brought the same quality and standard of work to the last two weeks of their job as they did the first two weeks. His insight was that people don’t consider how they finish is usually the memory employers or colleagues have of their performance and capabilities. His reflections reminded me that a two-week experience of a careless attitude in the workplace can often eclipse a career of hard work and quality effort!


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