Watch Videos from the HGS Flood Conference!

HGS hosted a well attended conference called  "Flooding in Southeast Texas: The Science Behind the Floods" on two days June 6 and 7 in 2018.  Over 200 geologists, hydrologists and environmental scientists attended at University of Houston downtown campus. If you weren't able to attend, click on these links and watch the recorded videos of most of the speakers over the two day period. These videos are on the HGS YouTube channel called HGSGeoEducation.  There are organized into two playlists, one for each day.  HGS is presenting the videos as a public service to educate scientists and the public on how flooding affects SE Texas and Houston and what can be done to improve public safety, especially after Hurrican Harvey's damage in August 2017.

Watch by click on the links and subscribing to the HGS YouTube channel!

  HGS Flood Conference Videos  
Day Speaker YouTube video links
1 Cheryl's Welcome and Opening Remarks
1 Bob Traylor Introduction and Overview
1 Jeff Lindner: Director Hydrologic Operations Division/Meteorologist, Harris County Flood Control District
Recent history- Harvey 
1 Judge Ed Emmett 
1 Dr. Christopher Mathewson o
1 Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon: Meteorological risk assessment and frequency of rainfall
1 Dr. Bill Dupre, Pleistocene controls on modern drainage patterns
1 Senator Paul Bettencourt: Texas State Senator District 7 Economics Greater Houston Flood
Mitigation Consortium and Houston Stronger
1 Dr. Arturo Leon, Technology of flood mitigation
1 Dr. Philip Bedient: Detention reservoirs and natural vs. concrete channels
1 Sheri Willey: History of evaluating flooding and mitigation; plans for the future
1 Stephen Costello: City of Houston Mayor's Office
Chief Resilience Officer “Flood Czar” Harvey impacts, sources of funding, the recovery and resilience efforts
2 Michael Turco : Impact of subsidence on flooding
2 Keith Owens: Topography update using LIDAR
2 Mike Allison: Use of drones for aerial surveys
2 Davis Tolman- Mapping Streams
2 Jeff Taebel
2 Vikto Hlas: Preventing Flooding through Intelligent Stormwater Management
2 Dr. Lester King
2 Dr. Kantave Greene
2 Auggie Campbell
2 Christof Spieler