From the Secretary- January 2018

Appreciating Spouses Who Help Geologists Do Their Thing

.. From Annie Walker...   How many times have you planned outings and vacations around geologic places of interest, or waylaid your travel party after stumbling onto one? I could have started by asking “have you ever?”, but who would we be fooling? We’ve all done it. We will do it again. And at least some of us are mid-daydream about our next vacation-enabled field trip right now.

Sure, a lot of geology spouses share our love of science, nature, Jeeps with snorkels, and being outdoors. That’s why we get along so well. But intentional or not, we probably take advantage of these shared interests more often than we realize. Like when you’re visiting a lovely lighthouse on a beautiful seaside coast, and your spouse thought the first ten geologic features were pretty neat—but really, Annie, how much longer are you going to be photographing this boudinage?

So here’s to our patient, intrepid geology spouses. Who’ve helped carry our rocks, hammers, textbooks, and map tubes for countless moves cross-country and world wide. Who’ve helped proof-read our manuscripts, played audience while we practiced talks, and put up with our long hours and research trips. And who still vacation with us knowing we will be contemplating orogenesis and Wilson cycles on every single hike. You’re the best.