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Hydrocarb-En, LLC Kirk Kolar Ph: 405/203-5975

Midland Basin, Grass Roots Wolfcamp & Lower Sprayberry Prospect

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Northern Midland Basin Well was drilled that identified live oil when penetrating the Wolfcamp B interval & again in the Wolfcamp C interval. Said live oil was observed in pits & shale shaker at surface. Excellent shows also observed in the Wolfcamp A & Lower Sprayberry.
Petrolero, LLC

Ed Gonzales


Permian Basin, conventional, shallow, multi-zone, Montoya-Fusselman-Devonian-Wolfcamp Prospect Central Basin Platform, northern Pecos County Located in mature producing area, supported by 3-D and well control, updip to shows and/or production in the Montoya, Fusselman, Devonian and Wolfcamp zones. Updip to well that swabbed up to 28 BO in one day from the Fusselman updip to two Devonian wells that have produced 152 MBO + 448 MMCFG and one Wolfcamp well that has produced 3 MBO + 267 MMCFG. PTD 6100 feet. Operations available. 
Thunder Rock Exploration

James G. Kane


2022 Prospect Inventory South TX / TX Gulf Coast Most prospects have 3D seismic and subsurface support. Some are only supported by subsurface mapping due to no 3D seismic ever having been shot over the areas. Prospects are unleased and available for purchase or Joint Venture. Prospect reviews available at any time.
McGovCo, LLC Jay McGovern 361-537-2394 4 Leased South Texas Prospects South Texas 4 Leased South Texas Prospects.Conventional shallow prospects that are low cost & high potential. Numerous target zones per prospect. No CA needed
Halex Oil Corporation Mike Hale 713-249-8260
Chigger Creek Prospect
(Contact company for teaser & additional info)
Brazoria County, TX Middle & Lower Frio sands from 7,900’ to 9,000’ (±7 zones) Re-enter & sidetrack existing wellbore (2015); Normal pressure Reserve potential up to 1.2 MMBO + 12 BCFG (3-4 wells). Direct offset to +2.4 MMBO & 22 BCFG
Ready to drill; Drill Site Title Opinions (2014); Operations available
Halex Oil Corporation Mike Hale 713-249-8260
Blue Ridge Salt Dome Prospect (Contact company for teaser & additional info) Fort Bend County, TX Sub-caprock Middle to Lower Frio (4500')
Twin wellbore that blewout (2017) making +3300 BO in 12 hrs Reserve potential up to 100,000 BO/well
Ready to drill; Drill Site Title Opinions (2014); Operations available
Sawtooth Energy

Foster Voelker


Two PUD Locations Upside Potential: 200 MBO + 2.9 BCF 400+ acres HBP Chambers County, TX Field development project consisting of two (2) new drill opportunities targeting proven undeveloped (PUD) reserves. ALL necessary surface facilities (including active SWD Well and gas pipeline tap) are currently in place; minimizing facility costs and allowing immediate sales.
Sequoia Energy Co.

Gordon McCall,


East Sandy Creek 3D O&G Prospect Colorado County, TX Mascot Oil & Sequoia Energy have generated & assembled Time Structure & Amplitude Maps, Geology, 3D Seismic, & Engineering data for a 10,100', NO PIPE, Upper-Mid Wilcox well to Develop significant Proven & Probable Undeveloped Oil & Gas Condensate Reserves structurally high to the Johnston #1 Discovery well. This is a sizable & proven Oil Productive 4-way dip, downthrown rollover closure defined by 60- fold 3D Seismic data. A commercially productive Oil Well (30’ Oil Sd.) which established the downdip Lowest Know Oil Contact in the Mid-Wilcox “D” reservoir. These pays have never been offset on the structural crest. 4 other sand reservoirs tested Gas/Condensate or had Log Pay at the edge of this closed structural reservoir complex.
Teal Energy USA, Inc. John Glenn
713-781-4350 (o), 281-639-9393 (c)
Bigfoot Prospect South Texas The prospect is comprised of a giant seismically defined 50,000 acre Lower Cretaceous atoll reef located on a rift margin basement fault block located in an outboard basin position about 20 mi in front of the historical onshore carbonate shelf-edge plays between the Wilcox & Frio trends. We expect the test well to encounter several thousand ft of potential Lower Cretaceous Carbonate gas pay... (cont. in attached pdf)
Explorations-Oil and Gas Consultant

Chuck Laser
Cell 561-504-4699 Office 954-427-0610

North Grant Canyon Prospect

North Grant Canyon Cost Estimate

Blue Creek Exploration, Ltd. Belize - Alistair King
Tel +501 610-5857

USA - John Arestad
(303) 981-5745

Blue Creek Exploration Prospect

Corozal Basin, Northern Belize

Opportunity to earn substantial working interest in an E&P license (PSA) containing attractive Jurassic & Cretaceous prospectivity, with staged exploration & potential for early drilling.
Bluegrass Energy Associates, Inc.

William Mitchell;


Lower Ordovician & Cambrian Objectives Kentucky & Tennessee Over 5 man-yrs of geological evaluation resulting in delineation of over 80 prospects & leads in KY & TN that offer multiple Lower Ordovician & Cambrian objectives, both conventional & unconventional, with potential for oil, natural gas, & helium. 12 of the prospects defined are indicated at the surface as structural closures on published geologic maps, with 2 of the prospects previously proven productive & have proven reserves of 10-15BCF gas & 100,000bbls oil at depths above 2000ft. Number 1 prospect has oil objective at 2700ft with 2mil bbls oil potential. Leases can be obtained with 1/8 landowner royalty & $30-$50/acre bonus for 3-5yr paid-up terms. Drilling depths range from 6000ft-7500ft below the surface to see all objectives.
Dynamic GeoVentures LLC.

Marc H. Helsinger,

Ph.D. 281-773-9509

Fairway Prospect 

Cook Mountain Executive Summary

Gulf Coast Projects

Fairway Project

Low-Risk Shallow Oil Project

Cook Mountain Prospect

The prospect is on a buried fault resulting in expansion and deposition of slope fan sands. Prospect is on trend with numerous productive wells with a recent up-dip analog field that has already produced 40 BCF & condensate. The slope fan sands are defined by seismic stratigraphic analysis & geomorphology. AVO analysis is positive Class 3-4. Seismic petrophysics indicates quality reservoir sands & porosities of 30%.

Sawyer Oil & Gas Company

Will Sawyer

(561) 789-8766

Thunderbolt Prospect Logan County, NW Kansas The 640 acre Thunderbolt leasehold is located in the heart of aprox. 2.4 mmbo cumulative production. Working Interest available to participate in 3D Survey to define mapped structural high & Drill 4,500 ft. Test Well. Est. Recoverable Reserves ~ 276,000 bbls. Multiple Pennsylvanian/ Mississippian stacked Carbonate Pays. Proven repeatable Play. Running room
Decker Exploration, Inc.

Mark Decker

CLARK CREEK PROSPECT SUMMARY Lavaca County, Texas near the Dewitt County line Clark Creek Prospect is located 12 mi SW of Hallettsville & 125 mi SW of Houston. The proposed location is on dry land with easy access to roads & lies 0.4 mi NW of FM 420. A gas transmission pipeline is located 500 ft from the proposed location.
J.D. Lazor Enterprises, Inc.

Dave Lazor 


P.O. Box 369
Carbonado, WA 98323
Cell: 713-7021458 (no reception at home in the mountains, but will record a message)
Houston Area Shallow oil prospect (less than 2000') near Houston on a salt dome twinning a well that tested oil in a 10'sand.  Well sanded up & was abandoned before producing.  Some lease work already done
Saratoga Resources

Jack Steinhauser

25% Partner Wanted for Breton Sound 32 Development Prospect Offshore Bay Area, LA Saratoga Resources is seeking a 25% partner for a twelve-well development drilling program in the Breton Sound 32 Field, offshore bay environment, Louisiana. Cost to the 25% working interest for initial three wells is $2.625 mil.  Development drilling program quickly becomes self-funding.
Del Mar Exploration

Wayne Rea,

Welsh Dome Prospect Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana Welsh Field has produced in 27+ MMBO. Michael Crabtree,Geologist/Geophysicist, TAMU, 30 yrs' experience, interpreted 3D seismic lines & mapped the Welsh Field. Attention was paid to a 37 acre area that is in the NE part of Welsh Field & is very near to I-10. The 27 acres separated by a fault. The upthrown fault block produced 2+ mil barrels/oil from the Camerina Sand Series. Downthrown fault block has produced 300,000 barrels of oil from the Marg H & Camerina Series Sands. Wells drilled in the downthrown fault block were low, which is the reason the wells only produced 300,000 barrels. Our prospect is to drill updip to the 3 wells that produced collectively 300,000 barrels. We can identify the dip & the faults with 3D seismic & e-log cross sections. Mike has prepared a presentation that consists of 23 slides that are structure maps, e-log cross sections & 3D seismic. 
Mason & Willbanks Bob Mason Magnolia Prospect Southern Jefferson County, Texas

3-D seismic outstanding anomaly/subsurface controlled, high quality Hackberry sands, Field extension & new pay potential with target potential: 5+ Billion CFG + 428,000 Bbls condensate. Pipelines nearby.

Magnolia Arb A

Detring Energy Advisors/EnCore Permian Holdings LP

Melinda Faust

Midland Basin Minerals Opportunities Texas
Permian Basin
Multiple Counties

Wolfcamp & Spraberry
~4,560 Net Royalty Acres; ~94% Minerals 357 Active Producers (67 HZ) & 27 HZ DUCs Net Prod: 230 Boed; NTM Cash Flow ~$4 MM