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Houston Geological Society Sponsorship

Become an HGS Event Sponsor!

  • Vendor Corner at HGS Dinner Meetings

The Vendor Corner opportunity allows a company to present its wares, services or studies informally during the Social gathering which precedes the HGS Dinner meetings.  It provides a useful focal point for discussions during the social hour.

Presentations may be poster-style or project onto a wall, screen, or pop-up booth (no microphones). Brochures may be placed on dinner tables.

The vendor will get their logo, link and a short description of their services placed with the website notice for the particular dinner meeting.

The vendor must supply the logo (150 x 36 pixels) and the URL to the webmaster.

Cost: $250 plus dinner reservations for Participants in the Vendor Corner Program for the General, International and North American Exploration groups; and $150 plus dinner reservations for Participants in the Environmental and Engineering Geology dinner meeting.

The funds that Vendors pay to host the Vendor Corners, are directed 100% to our HGS Student scholarships.  For further details, please contact Rich Germano.

  • TechnoFest Sponsorship

The annual HGS TechnoFest is held in July each year. It's an excellent opportunity for vendors to exhibit their latest technologies and support HGS by  becoming an Event Sponsor.

Please contact the TechnoFest Committee to participate.