AAPG House of Delegates Candidates 2017-2020

AAPG House of Delegates

The House of Delegates of the AAPG is made up of delegates from affiliated societies and international regions throughout the world. They are selected by popular vote from within their respective areas and serve a three-year term.

Requirements of the delegates include:

  • Familiarity with AAPG’s Constitution and Bylaws
  • Acquaintance with AAPG’s current policies and programs
  • Willingness to  inform the leaders of their society or region regarding AAPG’s program of activities, particularly as it relates to cooperative participation and service
  • Ability to process requests from the AAPG Executive Committee for information regarding eligibility of applicants for membership in the Association
  • Availability to serve as local certification committeemen to process requests from the Board of Certification for information regarding applicants for Certification by AAPG
  • Willingness to actively solicit applications from eligible geologists for membership in AAPG



Michael Barnes (2017-19) new
Steven Brachman (2017-19) new
Margaret Dalthorp (2017-19) new
Inda Immega (2017-19) new
David Kronman (2017-19) new
Claudia Ludwig (2017-19) new
April Parsons (2017-19) new
James Richards (2017-19) new
Judy Schulenberg (2017-19) new
Sarah Stanley (2017-19) new
James Tucker (2017-19) new

Jeff Allen (2016-19)
Robert Archer (2016-19)
Robert Ardell (2016-19)
Lee B.
Backsen (2015-18)
Kathleen C. Bennett (2016-19)
Jennifer Burton (2016-19)
Martin Cassidy (2016-19)
Gary W. Coburn (2016-19)
Cheryl Desforges (2016-19)
Craig M. Dingler (2016-19)
Meredith Faber (2017-18)
Kristen Frederick (2016-19)
Steven Getz (2016-19)
Tarek Ghazi (2016-19)
Gretchen M. Gillis (2016-19)
Lisa Goetz (2016-19)
Patrick Gordon (2015-18)
Paul F. Hoffman (2016-19)
Michael Lee Jones (2016-19)
Barry Jay Katz (2016-19)
Rosemary Laidacker (2016-19)
Stephen Levine (2016-19)
William Matthews (2016-19)
Evelyn A.
Medvin (2016-19)
Ronald Meers (2016-19)
Bonnie L. Milne-Andrews (2016-19)
Dwight "Clint" Moore (2016-19)
Robert Pledger (2016-19)
Walter "Rusty" Riese (2016-19)
Patricia Ann Santogrossi (2016-19)
Carl Steffensen (2016-19)
Justin Vandenbrink (2016-19)

Alternate Delegates:

Sharma Dronamraju (2017-19) new
Michael Erpenbeck (2017-19) new
Sean Kimiagar (2017-19) new
Kenneth Mohn (2017-19) new
Anthony Salem (2017-19) new
Gerrit Wind (2017-19) new
Joshua Woodworth (2017-19) new

Weixen "Wayne" Xu (2017-19) new

Richard Ball (2015-18)
Scott Douglas (2015-18)
Jaka Hardiwinangun (2016-19)
James Hunter Lockhart II (2016-19)