From the President - September 2014

From the President - September 2014

Presidential Ponderings

It’s not yet July and I have to write something that will be read in September, wow! I was told that the most onerous task the HGS President takes on is the writing of monthly “letters” to the members that highlight leadership philosophy, society events and issues, and/or responses to membership concerns. What I hope to do this year is just that. Before I get to that task though, I think that members deserve to know why someone is interested in leading their society. When I ran for office, one piece of information that I provided did not get published, my statement or why I agreed to run…

I am rephrasing and including it as part of my first letter to you, because I think that such statements allow a writer to set out goals, are valuable pieces of our history, might encourage others to run for office in the future, and help complete the historical record. So what you missed in April 2013 is reprinted here with revisions and paraphrasing to make it current.

When the question of being a candidate for HGS President was first asked of me, I was startled and humbled. I was startled because I never expected to be asked to run for President of this organization. I was humbled because it really is an honor to be asked to run for President and be deemed capable of handling the responsibility attached to leading the world’s largest local professional geological society. I will strive to be worthy of the confidence and trust you have placed in me.

The success of HGS has resulted from the active participation of its members. This party of individuals willing to give their time with their employers’ approval has been instrumental in the growth of HGS. As President of HGS one of my goals is to encourage employers to let their young professionals step up and be more active in our society. Because AAPG and GCAGS conventions held in Houston require much involvement by HGS members, the same people cannot organize every convention. Houston is an important venue for both the AAPG and the GCAGS. AAPG met in Houston in 2014 and will meet in Houston in 2017 (100th anniversary of the creation of AAPG!); GCAGS will meet in Houston in 2015 and possibly 2019. This schedule required HGS to have two separate convention committees operating at the same time! The active participation and commitment of our young professionals is a must, if our future conventions are to succeed, and we are to meet our vision and respond to our mission.

My other goal is to encourage and increase our members’ participation in community outreach, especially education. The Houston metropolitan area has many school districts. The Houston Energy Council organizes the annual Science and Engineering Fair. Many wonderful results are achieved by students of all ages. The teachers that guide, nurture, and encourage these students should be recognized. I will strive to promote that recognition through HGS and GCAGS. Monetary support is available to the teachers recognized by both organizations. There should be no obstacle preventing HGS from promoting one of the Houston area’s teachers for the GCAGS Owen R. Hopkins Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Award. It is truly mind boggling to see the projects that these young scientists have put together. The teachers that have encouraged this exploration should be honored.

Lastly, I would like to say that an organization’s success is often determined by the passionate leaders that its members choose to guide them. I believe that this year’s Board has that passion. I want to thank Board members Joe Lynch, David Miller, Jim Beck,and Allen Mattisfor their continued service. I want to welcome back to the Board: Deborah Sacrey, John Jordan,and Jim Grubbwho have served, and been recognized by, HGS in the past. I welcome new members: Larry Quandt, Penny Patterson, Ashley Garcia,and Jon Blickwede. I expect that their fresh idea and passion will greatly assist me as the Board guides the society in 2014-2015.

I wrote at the start that it was an honor to be asked to run for HGS President. It is now an honor to have been elected by you and will be my honor to serve and represent you – the HGS membership – as your President. Some things to note this month and next:

  • Yes, dues have gone up ($28.00 now).
  • There are no monthly General Lunch meetings scheduled for the start of the year. Increased costs and attendance drops associated with our technical program resulted in the 2013-2014 Board making this decision. Other meeting groups are being asked to review more closely their operation.
  • And yes, due to increased charges by the venues, we have had to increase our prices. Please see Vice President John Jordan’scomments elsewhere in the Bulletin. It is very important that all members preregister and prepay. Walkups and registrants expecting to pay at the door will be charged the walk-up cost. This walk-up charge will apply to emeritus, Honorary Life Members and students as well, so preregister for the meeting of your choice!
  • I hope that you visited the HGS website and viewed the information for the HGS-PESGB African Conference that will take place on September 9 and 10 at the Westin Hotel, Memorial City.
  • October should bring several opportunities for educational outreach; see your HGS web site event calendar. I hope to see you there!

In closing, I’d like to write that, for HGS to achieve its vision, young professionals need to be encouraged to become active members of HGS. I urge you to invite a NeoGeo or young professional to one of our technical meetings; after all, it’s part of our mission





Tuesday, September 2, 2014
From the President