The Wise Report

The Wise Report
May 7, 2010
Henry M. Wise, P.G.
The 2010 revision of RG-411, Investigating and Reporting Releases from Petroleum Storage Tanks (PSTs), is now available for download from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) webpage at:
The Railroad Commission of Texas withdraws the proposal published in the November 6, 2009, issue of the Texas Register (34 TexReg 7730) and proposes amendments to §11.71 and §11.72, relating to Purpose and Authority; and Applicability; new §11.73 and §11.74, relating to Uranium Exploration Forms; and Information Subject to Public Review; amendments to §11.81 and §11.82, relating to Statutory Definitions; and Regulatory Definitions; amendments to §§11.92 - 11.100, relating to Permit Application; Elements of Permit Application; Application Approval; Bonding, Insurance, Payment of Fees; Permit Issuance; Renewal; Transfer; Permit Approval; and Permit Denial; amendments to §11.113 and §11.114, relating to Revocation or Suspension without Consent and Revision on Motion or with Consent; and new rules §§11.131 - 11.142, relating to Uranium Exploration Permit: General Provisions; Application to Conduct Uranium Exploration Activity; Uranium Exploration Permit Revision; Uranium Exploration Permit Renewal; Uranium Exploration Permit Transfer; Uranium Exploration Permit Fees; Commission Notice of Uranium Exploration Permit Application, Issuance, and Denial; Uranium Exploration Drill Site Operating and Reclamation Requirements; Uranium Exploration Drill Site Plugging and Reporting Requirements; Commission and Groundwater Conservation District Jurisdiction; Groundwater Quality and Well Information; and Groundwater Analysis and Reporting; amendments to §§11.151 - 11.153, relating to Plan; Standards; and Alternative Methods; amendments to §11.181 and §11.182, relating to Closing, and Release; amendments to §11.194, relating to Release from Reporting Requirement; amendments to §11.203, relating to Duration of Liability; and amendments to §11.206, relating to Release or Reduction of Bonds. The Commission is publishing a new proposal that incorporates revisions based on some of the comments the Commission received on the version of the proposed rules published in the Texas Register on November 6, 2009.  For more information go to: 
  The Wise Report Henry M. Wise, P.G. 5/7/2010

Henry M. Wise, P.G.
Friday, May 7, 2010
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