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The Wise ReportHenry M. Wise, P.G.January 4, 2010
The Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists TBPG failed to adopt the proposed amended §851.30, as published in the June 12, 2009, issue of the Texas Register (34 TexReg 3913), within six months and so has been withdrawn. The proposed rule was in regards to firm registration. The proposed amendment cleaned up wording related to firm registration, clarified exemptions for engineering firms, and allowed the TBPG to issue certificates of registration on a non-annual basis. The proposed amendment also exempted from registration engineering firms that perform services or work that is both engineering and geoscience as long as the geoscience work performed is incidental and specific to their work as an engineering firm. The original proposal can be found at:
 Henry M. Wise, P.G.The Wise Report1/4/2010

Henry M. Wise, P.G.
Monday, January 4, 2010
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