From the President- October 2010

Where We Live
Did you notice the cover of this month’s Bulletin? It shows a mosaic of where our members live around the world, especially in the Houston area. This was based on 3810 members from the 2008 HGS-GSH Directory. Over 2000 members reside in the Greater Houston area. Can you find your home? I could.The green stars show the location of most of our technical sessions: General Luncheon downtown, General Meeting at the Westchase Hilton on Westheimer, and the Northsiders luncheon in the Greenspoint area. The Petroleum Club and the Westchase Hilton locations match up very well with the heaviest membership population centers. The Northsiders meeting is a luncheon held in the Greenspoint area where several large petroleum companies have offices. As far as I know, no meeting has been tried for the Kingwood area or the area northeast of Highway 290. The Northsider group tried an evening meeting in the Woodlands area several years ago with very little attendance. It was believed that when the Woodlands area members arrived home from downtown, it was too late to go to HGS meetings.
I can do ideas, and I can do data, but I cannot do graphics. Thanks go to Greg Murrie with Inexs for doing the graphic’s magic for me.
In other news, the Technofest held this past July was a great success. We had geoscientists attend from Midland, San Antonio, and Dallas. Next year, Technofest has been scheduled for July 21, 2011 at the Westin Oaks Hotel in the Galleria. Plan to attend. Congratulations to Deborah Sacrey, Bonnie Milne, Jim Grubb, and Rene Mott for putting on this great program.
Thanks go to Rosemary Laidecker for volunteering to be the Chairman of the Continuing Education Committee. We did not have a Chairman last year, although Thom Tucker did yeoman’s duty as acting Chair. This committee plans and runs conferences and short courses throughout the year. If you have any ideas for an event, please contact Rosemary at
Our first social event — the Golf Tournament — takes place at the Kingwood Country Club the 25th of this month. This event is chaired by Mark Dennis and is always well attended, so get your reservations in soon!
Laissez les bon temps rouler

John Tubb, Jr.
Saturday, October 9, 2010
From the President