February 2007 President's Letter

Thanks to All Our Volunteers
by Steve Brachman
JOAN HENSHAW is retiring this month after giving 10 years of wonderful service to the HGS. She has truly been a joy to work with. DEBORAH SACREY, who is stepping down after many years as head of the Office Committee, has done a little detective work on Joan. We have included Deborah’s thoughtful piece in this month's issue of the Bulletin.
The HGS is fortunate to have so many hard-working volunteers. One of the toughest jobs for our volunteer groups is organizing the monthly meetings. Many of us are familiar with the tremendous job that vice president ANDREA REYNOLDS and her committee do organizing the General Lunch and Dinner meetings, but we may be less familiar with the other groups that organize events. Andrea has provided the following information about the people and groups who organize and run our other technical programs and meetings.
MIKE JONES, North American Explorationists, has been a lot of fun to work with. As a young professional with a lot of energy and enthusiasm he is a huge asset to the HGS. He has done an excellent job organizing luncheons and dinners and finding good speakers and exciting topics for those events.
FRANK WALLES and GARY COBURN, Northsiders, have been very active this year, and have really infused the Northsiders with a lot of energy. They have found some great speakers and some very popular talks this year. Other committee members who have contributed greatly are the new treasurer DAVID TONNER who handles the Texas Petroleum Geologists certificates, ALLAN SMITH who helps with meetings setup and always seems to have good ideas, and JANET COMBES who assists with the technical programs.
DANIEL BEABER, Environmental and Engineering, assumed the role of chairman this year and has aggressively pursued the task of making the group a more integral part of the HGS. Previous chair BRUCE WOODHOUSE and CHRISTINA HIGGINBOTHUM have been heavily involved with event planning.

DALE BIRD, International, and his committee have been very active and have assembled an excellent technical program. The Sheriff Lecture, very well organized by
AL DANFORTH, sold-out. Board member BONNIE MILNE has added her energy to the mix and has been a tremendous asset.
In his job as treasurer-elect JOHN JORDAN has helped keep the meetings running smoothly. JEFF LUND has been a great help with the Legendary Fields Program and PAUL BABCOCK has been a veritable fountain of helpful ideas.
In addition to those mentioned, many more members have volunteered their time to make the HGS successful this past year. We thank them all and ask those with a little time and some energy to step forward this year and volunteer for a committee or a project. And the next time you attend a meeting or technical program, think about all those who worked to make the event possible. You may even want to thank them for their time, effort and service to the HGS.

Steve Brachman
Thursday, February 1, 2007
From the President