HGS Bulletin

The HGS Bulletin:

The HGS Bulletin is a high-quality journal published monthly by the HGS (with the exception of July and August).  The journal provides feature articles, meeting abstracts, and information about upcoming and past events.

As a member of the HGS, you'll receive a hard copy of the journal, as well as exclusive access to the download the complete Bulletin as a PDF here on the HGS website.  Membership also comes with access to the online archives, with records dating back to 1997.

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The Bulletin is a major resource (along with this website) for information regarding upcoming events, with a monthly calendar view of all dinner and lunch meetings, social activities, continuing education classes, field trips and more.  The Bulletin also offers advertisement spaces - everything from full-page ads to personal business cards, offering a great venue to advertise services, products, or job opportunities.  Complete abstracts, often with full-color figures and speaker bios, are provided for all regular monthly dinner and lunch meetings for the Society's many committees.  The HGS strives to select topics of industry importance: current trends, the latest technologies, and new ideas.  The Bulletin is also a platform for presenting fresh technical material, through featured articles approved for publication by the Editor.  The Bulletin also includes news from committees such as the NeoGeos - the HGS committee for young professionals - as well as the HGA - Auxillary and GeoWives groups. 

For the cost of membership, $24, the Bulletin is an essential and valuable resource for every member.