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The Stag Parties Social Mores and Niceties of a Past Age August 1, 1998 Houston Geological Society

In discussing his tenure of office (1936-37), Phil Martyn with a twinkle in his eye said, "Miss Ellisor, don't forget to mention the stag parties in the History." The first of three stag parties wa

Houston Geological Society 1928-1973 HGS 50th Anniversary August 1, 1998 Houston Geological Society

I had the honor of being HGS president for the 50th lanniversary. The society was vigorous and serving the members well.

1997 Member Remembrances January 1, 1998 HGS Bulletin

1997 Member Remembrances

Bartling, "Ted" C.
July 5, 1997

<center>PC Workstation Technology<br>and Its Impact on The Independent/Consultant</center> November 25, 1997 HGS Bulletin

PC Workstation Technologyand Its Impact on the Independent/Consultant
by Deborah Sacrey, HGS Treasurer and Independent Consultant, DKS ExplorationNovember, 1997

From the Editor - Sept 2011a
As We Set Out to Produce this – The 54th Volume – of the Bulletin
HGS Newsletter - October, 2003

HGS October Meeting Highlights: