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Myths, Half-Truths and Other Bits of Trivia March 29, 2006 Paul Britt

Myths, Half-Truths and Other Bits of Trivia I had hoped to debunk a few myths about the oil industry this month.

Looking Back on the Year -- Well, Done, Members, Well Done June 1, 2005 HGS Bulletin -- June,2005

Looking Back at the Year -
Well Done Members, Well Done

President''s Letter - May, 2005 May 1, 2005 HGS Bulletin -- May, 2005

Support of Our Geoscience Professors

President's Letter - April, 2005 April 1, 2005 HGS Bulletin - April, 2005

by Steve Levine,president@hgs.orgHGS Bulletin From the President April, 2005  Our Society Is Like a CourtbouillonCourtbouillon (coo-be-yon)

From the President - March, 2005 February 28, 2005 HGS Bulletin - March, 2005

Declining Science Education Puts Nation at Riskby Steve LevineIs the United States losing its edge in science education? Science graduates from U.S. universities decrease each year.

HGS is Reaching Out<br>Craig M. Dingler, HGS President 2003-2004 October 1, 2003 HGS Bulletin, October 2003

How has the public's view of geologists changed since Sir Walter Scott wrote these words about the Edinburgh geologists who came to visit St.