HGS YouTube Channel has over 1000 subscribers

We recently found out that the HGS YouTube channel has 1000 subscribers,  crossing an important milestone for the Society in terms of community outreach. The YouTube channel was first started in July 2012 as a project of the Website Committee. As of January, 2019, seven years later,  the channel has has 175,866 views worldwide, mostly from (we assume) geologists in the U.S. and United Kingdom. How can you get to the channel?
Sign in to YouTube and search HGSGeoEducation or use this link
in the middle of the HGS webpage www.hgs.org you will see a video window. Click on the video and it will take you the recent video on the YouTube page as well. Remember to "subscribe" to the channel!!

The public tends to find the HGSGeoEducation site by key words and by following social media posts made by the HGS Social Media committee.

How does HGS create the meeting videos? Our team of volunteers bring an ordinary color video camera and tripod to the meetings at the Norris Center or Petroleum Club, plus a wireless microphone and a laptop with recording software. As the speaker presents, we record the video and audio. The next day the volunteers create a picture in picture video using editing software and upload an mp4 file  the HGS YouTube Channel. This sends out subscriber emails to the 1000 users and also generates a link. The link is posted by the social media committee into HGS facebook, Linked in groups, and HGS twitter feed @HouGeo.

The most popular videos over the seven years and 90 videos are

William Sager- The Largest Volcano in the World (2014)   884,000 views

Art Berman-Shale Plays have Years Not Decades of Reserves (2015) 407,000 views

Art Berman- Reflections on a Decade of Shale Gas (2013) 135,776 views

Tom Ewing- Texas Geologic History Quick Overview  (2016)  50,000 views

Are you interested in looking at recent videos? 

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