HGS Past Presidents Photo

HGS  Past Presidents  and current HGS President Paul Britt met for lunch at the Downtown Houston Petroleum Club August 8 2023

back row

Paul Britt, John Adamick, Steve Levine, Dick Bishop, Martin Cassidy, Mike Erpenbeck, Barry Katz, Charles Sternbach, Craig Moore, John Tubb, Steve Brachman, Gary Coburn Craig Dingler, Jeff Lund
front row seated
Paul Hoffman, Sandy Barber, Linda Sternbach, Cheryl Desforges, Deborah Sacrey, Walter Light


These Presidents have also been AAPG Presidents
Britt, Bishop, C Sternbach, D Sacrey (President-Elect AAPG)

August 8 is the date the Houston Geological Society was formed in 1923. 

The formation documents were signed in downtown Houston by first HGS President John Suman. 

HGS was created in order to host the first  AAPG convention in Houston.  FUN FACT!!