From the Editor- June 2019

Live for the Science, not for the Weekend.


This was one of the messages from Kenneth Peter’s remarks on receiving the AAPG Sidney Powers Memorial Award at the recent AAPG Annual Meeting in San Antonio. It was clear that he lived this message, as part of a well-rounded life. I hope we all can do this as well. Most of us have work with colleagues who could not wait to leave the office, and were only there for lifestyle maintenance. Or others who always seemed to be working, without interests away from the job. Neither is ideal, and balance is critical.
A few months ago, I mentioned that all the presentations at the CERAWeek in Houston in March were going to be online. They may be found at: There are quite a few, but one I enjoyed in person was Ray Hunt and his son Hunter discussing Hunt Petroleum and their business (see: Another inspirational video interview was with a mentor of mine, Marlan Downey. In the past it has been on the Roxanna website.

I mentioned both of these as suitable modern archive examples at the meeting of the History of Petroleum SIG last week at the AAPG Annual Meeting in San Antonio. We were discussing how to capture the information and wisdom of colleagues, since we geologists are not a written culture. Jeff Lund and I contributed “Lessons from a Career” a few times over the past year. I’m sure future Bulletin editors will appreciate any contributions documenting our careers, adventures, and accomplishments.
I hope you have enjoyed the Bulletin this past year. A few new things were tried, and no one complained, so I’ll take that as positive. Fang Lin will be the Editor next year, and will appreciate technical article contributions, cover photos and ideas on how to make the Bulletin better for our readership. The group of local societies that have any sort of monthly bulletin or newsletter is declining, and HGS should retain its leadership as we close out our first century. Ever onward.