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The Houston Geological Society needs you!  


Volunteers are vital to all of the events and educational outreach programs put on by the Houston Geolgical Society and our sister societies.


We have been lucky in having volunteers step forward to help when needed. However, in the past we haven’t always put the right volunteer to work in the right job, or even called on all the people who have volunteered, and some work has been left undone. The Board of Directors recognized this as a problem area, and has created a new volunteer coordinator position on the Houston Geological Society committee to coordinate all of the volunteers for the society. 


With both the AAPG and the HGS-PESGB conferences in Houston next year and the usual Guest Nights and HGS conferences this effort is more crucial than ever.


If you are interested in volunteering for the Houston Geological Society please contact the volunteer coordinator Lucy Plant ( Whatever your interests or time commitments there’s a volunteer position that’s right for you.



If you have any questions or would like any additional information on volunteering for the Houston Geological Society or if you are interested in being added to our volunteer register please email Lucy Plant (


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