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Hello and Welcome to the NeoGeos Committee

The NeoGeos is a group of young geologists, geophysicists, hydrogeologists, engineers, environmental geoscientists, or anyone who practices or has close connections with the geosciences (usually associated with the oil industry), that meets regularly to socialize, network, and volunteer with other professionals in the Houston area.

The group was started in 2000 as a means for people new to the profession and new to Houston to meet other “new hires.” The group has become a vehicle for transitioning into the professional environment of Houston's geoscience community (from academia, from other industries, or from out of town).

We are a committee of the HGS and our membership has grown to over 500 members, thanks to the hard work of the founders and the support of the HGS. Our members represent a very diverse group, ranging in experience and employment, from the large multinationals to the small independent oil companies, consultancies, and students.

Student, interns, graduate...s, those searching for employment, those practicing the geoscineces, and those interesting in expanding their professional network are all welcome at our events. There is no fee to be a member, though we encourage our members to join the HGS.












Check out our Facebook page here - HGS NeoGeos

We often use Facebook to post NeoGeos and HGS event information, along with other young professional events and opportunities that may be of interest to our members. Feel free to post your own comments or share with us an event/opportunity.

For more information just e-mail us at


Update 2/23: Thirsty Thursday will be taking place this Wednesday 2/27 at Canyon Creek Cafe. Please Check your email and facebook page for details.



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