Interest Group Committees

The HGS Interest Group Committees are responsible for the various interest group events brought to the membership of the Houston Geological Society.  If you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring one of these committees, see the summaries below and click on the committee page link.

Environmental & Engineering Geology Committee - The Environmental & Engineering Geology Committee provides educational opportunities for HGS and public by promoting better understanding of the environmental industry. This committee arranges field trips, speakers at monthly dinner meetings, short courses and seminars. The committee also publishes technical papers on environmental subjects in the HGS Bulletin, as well as field guidebooks.

Government Affairs - The Education on Government Affairs Committee is responsible for monitoring all activities at every level of government that may affect the profession of geology, and to promptly inform the membership through articles and other communications published in the HGS Bulletin, as well verbally with timely public statements at meetings of the society. The education of the membership on government issues affecting our profession is of great importance, and the primary viewpoints on issues should be communicated by this committee.

HPAC - Did you know that the HGS sponsors a social organization for your wife or spouse? The Houston Geological Auxiliary (HGA) was formed in 1950 with the purpose of encouraging social relations among its members and to assist the Houston Geological Society in any manner it should request. In the fall of 2008, HGA joined with our three other sister petroleum auxiliaries (Engineering, Land, and Geophysical) to form the Houston Petroleum Auxiliary Council (HPAC). Continuing with our past, our combined purpose continues to be social and service and assisting each group in any manner they might request. There are four social events per year. Each event includes a social time and entertainment. There is a luncheon in September, a Christmas event, Game Day in February, and a spring luncheon/ business meeting in May which is usually highlighted by a style show. HPAC also has bridge groups and a book club for members with those special interests.

International Explorationists - The International Explorationists Group provides a professional and social milieu for members to get acquainted with one another and to exchange information with others involved in international exploration. Those in exploration-related professions other than geology are invited to attend. The group meets monthly to hear technical talks on hydrocarbon exploration in various areas in the world. Members (presently over 400) are encouraged to join the HGS.

NeoGeos - The NeoGeos is a group of young geologists, geophysicists, hydrogeologists, engineers, environmental geoscientists, or anyone who practices or has close connections with the geosciences (usually associated with the oil industry), that meets regularly to socialize, network, and volunteer with other professionals in the Houston area. The group was started in 2000 as a means for people new to the profession and new to Houston to meet other “new hires.” The group has become a vehicle for transitioning into the professional environment of Houston's geoscience community (from academia, from other industries, or from out of town).

North American Explorationists - The North American Explorationists Group provides an opportunity for people interested in the exploration and development of resources in the domestic U.S. to exchange information and get acquainted with others involved with N.A. exploration.  The committee organizes technical programs concerning petroleum exploration and production of known fields across North America, with an emphasis outside the Gulf of Mexico.  Regular dinner meetings are held at 5:30 p.m., on the fourth Monday of the month, at the Westchase Hilton Hotel.  We welcome suggestions as to topics of interest or comments as to how the committee might better serve the needs of the client community.

Northsiders - The Northsiders Group was formed in 2002 to provide geoscience professionals on the Northside of Houston, who are interested in hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation through the use of geologic, seismic, sub-surface and  analogous methods, a convenient place to meet and exchange ideas. The group aims to provide members with current information on advancements by peers within the geosciences through technical talks given by experts in their respective fields. The group¹s purpose is also to support further work that contributes to a greater understanding of geology, as well as to contribute to the community by volunteer work through appropriate HGS committees.