2016 PESGB-HGS Africa Conference - A Houston Home Run

Wow! The 2016 PESGB-HGS Africa Conference at the Memorial City – Westin was an outstanding event with more than 300 attendees, 27 technical talks and nearly 20 posters. The Houston Geological Society again demonstrated that ourvolunteers can put together a quality technical conference. Many of you may not know what it takes to host and underwrite a major event like this: more than 30 people volunteered their time over the past 18 months. This does not include the hours of work put in by the HGS office staff, especially by Andrea Peoples..


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From the Editor - November 2016

Field Trip to Mars

When you were a child (or even a very juvenile-minded grown-up like myself) did you ever dream of becoming an astronaut? I was thinking about this the other day – at age 8 – I couldn’t get enough movies about space, or aliens, or black holes, or monoliths. Thank you, Stanley Kubrick! Part of that is due to the fact that my generation grew up just after the space race – and NASA was leading the way to the new frontier. Space exploration was possible.

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