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Upcoming Events Start Date Online Registration Deadline
61st Annual HGMS Gem, Jewelry, Mineral, and Fossil Show 11-07 9:00pm
GSH - Webinar - Understanding Seismic Anisotropy in Exploration and Exploitation 11-10 8:00am
HGS North American Dinner - Reconstruction of Diagenetic and Burial History of South Georgia Rift Basin... 11-10 5:30pm 11-10 5:00am
HGS E & E - Springfield Spring and Groesbeck’s Water Supply— A Cautionary Tale for Small Towns in Texas 11-12 5:30pm 11-12 5:00am
HGS General Dinner with International Group - Sheriff Lecture - The Arctic – A Tectonic Tour Through the Last Great Petroleum Frontier 11-17 5:30pm 11-17 5:00am
HGS Northsiders' Luncheon - Subsurface Prediction of Fluvial Systems: Are Current Models Adequate? A Case Study of the Late Triassic Chinle Formation in Petrified Forest National Park 11-18 11:15am 11-17 12:00pm
HGS General Dinner - With N. American Group - Tentative 12-08 5:30pm 12-08 5:00am
HGS E & E - Tentative 12-10 5:30pm 12-10 5:00am
Deadline GCAGS 2015 Call for Papers 12-13 8:00am
HGS International Dinner - Influence of transfer fault zones on rift traps and hydrocarbon migration, Equatorial Guinea and North Gabon: Analogs from Kwanza Basin, Angola and Reconcavo Basin, Brazil 12-15 5:30pm 12-15 5:00am
HGS Northsiders' Luncheon - Tentative 12-16 11:15am 12-15 12:00pm
2015 Legends Night 01-19 5:30pm 01-16 12:00pm
2015 Mudrocks 02-16 7:30am 02-14 5:00am
2015 HGS AGC Geomechanics Conference - Geomechanics in Unconventionals 05-18 8:00am
2015 HGS Skeet Shoot! 06-27 8:00am 06-26 12:00pm

From the President - November 2014

Presidential Ponderings

It’s November, time for Thanksgiving and giving thanks. I’m thankful for many things, but what if at the same time I asked you “What about you?” Not only what are you thankful for, but what about you? This month I want to look at those two questions.

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From the Editor - November 2014

Thank you, Mr. Tonn and Ole

If you ask my mother, it was always obvious that I would be a geologist. According to her, from the moment I could walk I was collecting rocks. Of course, she has forgotten that I also liked to eat paste (not sure what career that would lead to) and she tends to confuse geology with archeology.

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