HGS - Houston Geological Society

From the President - October 2014

Presidential Ponderings

If it’s August in Houston it’s October HGS Bulletin time!  I attended the AAPG Leadership Days in Snowbird, Utah from August 8 to 10. Getting that close to awesome geology was quite an experience. Walking at 8,400’ elevation was not such an awesome experience though. Meeting old friends from around the world and making new ones reminded me of two key points:

• Geologists have a passion for science.

• Participation in a professional society should be part of everyone’s development plan.

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From the Editor - October 2014

Always Have Firewood

In my first column I wrote that I planned to share at least one of my more embarrassing professional moments. My hope is that other members will do the same, as I do believe that we are, as a profession, particularly good at laughing at ourselves. Now that the time has come in fact to write about one of my more embarrassing moments, I find I have quite a few to choose from!

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