HGS - Houston Geological Society

From the President - June 2014

Some Closing Thoughts

This, my final column, has been something that I have both been looking forward to and dreading. I have been looking forward to this last column because those mid-month deadlines will be gone. I have been dreading it because my opportunity to communicate with you, the HGS membership, will be ending as will my term in office. I have had thirty opportunities to present my thoughts, views, and opinions as Editor and President. For those of you that have been reading my columns, I know from the occasional comments received that my “three legged stool” of volunteerism, mentoring, and continuous learning has hit home with at least some. My column has also be a place where I have written about the need for change.

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From the Editor - June 2014

Geologists in Popular Culture

How many of your non-geologist friends actually know what you do as a geologist? Try this at your next weekend neighborhood social gathering. While in a conversation with a non-geologist neighbor, mention that you are glad the week is over because you were having trouble integrating the PlioMiocene AVO seismic data with the stratigraphic analysis of the onlapping regressive sequence. And, the isopach map was showing distal thinning of the high-permeability turbidite beds. At this point watch as your friend’s eyes glaze over as he nods blankly and looks for a way to get out of the conversation. He stammers something about being late for a dentist appointment and beats a hasty retreat.

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