Highlighting the Great Work of Our HGS Education Committees

The Houston Geological Society (HGS) is a vibrant and integral organization in our geoscience community that provides critical resources to our members through HGS technical meetings and conferences, publications, social functions, and the HGS website. As Director 2 on the HGS Board, I have been overwhelmed with the breadth and depth that HGS contributes to our geoscience community through education, networking, and support. For the last two years, I have been fortunate to work closely with seven HGS educational committees, which provide training and learning opportunities for all ages, from our young geoscientists at the K-12 level through geoscientists actively engaged in academia and industry and to our retired geoscientists that continue to contribute to advancing and transferring our scientific knowledge. (Written by Penny Patterson, HGS Director)

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From the Editor - April 2016

The Earliest Gulf of Mexico Explorers

Those of us who explore for oil & gas tend to be intrigued by exploration in its broader sense. So as many of us HGS members have dedicated a good part of our careers to exploration of the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) region, I thought it might be fitting to remember some of the first GoM explorers.

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