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HGS North American Dinner - The Importance of Petrophysical Stratification on Fluid Flow Behavior in Carbonate Reservoirs 01-26 5:30pm
HMNS Lecture “Molecules: The Elements and the Architecture of Everything” by Theodore Gray, Science Writer 01-27 6:30pm
HGS General Dinner - Anthropogenic Climate Change - A Growing Awareness in the Oil and Gas Industry 02-09 5:30pm
2015 Mudrocks 02-16 7:30am 02-14 5:00am
HGS International Dinner - Exploring for Turonian Reservoirs within the Paleo-Assinie Fairway, Offshore Cote d’Ivoire as seen in the Albacore-1X and Capitaine East-1X exploration wells; De-risking with better Seismic Data and Geologic Models 02-16 5:30pm
HGS North American Dinner - Years Not Decades: Proven Reserves and the Shale Revolution 02-23 5:30pm
HGS General Lunch - Hydraulic Fracturing and Earthquakes: Ethically, How Do We Move Forward and Do the Right Thing? 02-25 11:15am
HGS Northsiders' Luncheon - Geomechanical and Flow Simulation of Hydraulic Fractures Using High-Resolution Passive Seismic Images 03-17 11:15am
HGS North American Dinner - Tentative 03-23 5:30pm
HGS North American Dinner - Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for Establishing the Chronostratigraphic Relationships Between the Woodbine and Eagle Ford Groups Across Texas 04-27 5:30pm
Depositional Systems and Facies Variability in the Wilcox Group in Texas Core Workshop 05-05 9:00am
2015 HGS AGC Geomechanics Conference - Geomechanics in Unconventionals 05-18 8:00am
2015 HGS Skeet Shoot! 06-27 8:00am 06-26 12:00pm
2015 14th PESGB HGS Africa Conference 09-03 8:00am
2015 GCAGS 09-20 8:00am

From the President - January 2015

Presidential Ponderings

Greetings and Happy New Year! The New Year brings us new opportunities, new decisions, and new ponderings. As I write this column, oil prices are hovering around $75 per barrel. I paid $2.69 for gas yesterday at my local station. Offshore drilling companies are stacking rigs. Companies are talking about reducing unconventional efforts because costs are not dropping in line with product prices. We will know next month what we had to be thankful for in November, 2014. The month after that we can ponder our 2014 Christmas season. Then by March we will see what early 2015 brought to the table. On the bright side, the cold and snow may do nice things for natural gas..

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From the Editor - January 2015

Random Thoughts

I am writing this column about 10 days before Thanksgiving. This is, by far, my favorite holiday of the year. I enjoy the time that I am able to spend with family and friends, free from the giving and receiving of gifts, and the opportunity to reflect on what I am thankful for. Recent events in my life have shown me that it is very important to let the people you are thankful to have in your life know this. Don’t wait until it is too late and you find yourself wishing that you had said or done something. I hope that all of you were able to enjoy the holiday in the company of the people that are important to you.

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