HGS - Houston Geological Society

From the President - September 2014

Presidential Ponderings

It’s not yet July and I have to write something that will be read in September, wow! I was told that the most onerous task the HGS President takes on is the writing of monthly “letters” to the members that highlight leadership philosophy, society events and issues, and/or responses to membership concerns. What I hope to do this year is just that. Before I get to that task though, I think that members deserve to know why someone is interested in leading their society. When I ran for office, one piece of information that I provided did not get published, my statement or why I agreed to run…

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From the Editor - September 2014

End of the Apprenticeship

What color do you want for the banner?” This question, posed to me a few weeks ago during an editorial team dinner, suddenly made my upcoming editorship of the Bulletin very real. I have to admit, I had a moment of panic. In some respects it was reminiscent of being informed that my request to go on expatriation had been granted. My wife and I had talked for a long time about living and working overseas and had finally agreed that this is what we wanted to do. When we were informed that I was being offered a position overseas (significantly farther south than we had expected) we immediately looked at each other and thought “What have we done?” As with many things in life, sometimes the idea of something is much more attractive than the reality of having it.

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