Tarek Ghazi

Tarek Y. Ghazi

Passed 2022

Tarek Y. Ghazi graduated from Stanford University with a B. S. in geology, after which he enjoyed a 20-year career with Conoco in uranium exploration and production, oil and gas exploration research, and global new ventures in Casper, San Antonio, Ponca City, Dubai and Houston. After Conoco, Tarek held various positions at the interface of geology and information technology, the last of which was VP of Technical Services at C&C Reservoirs.

He has also been an active volunteer for the HGS, AAPG and SPE in variety of elected and appointed roles. Tarek became a member of HGS on 12/02/03. His HGS positions have included Treasurer-elect, Treasurer, Chairman of the International Explorationists, Website Manager, and Board Director. Tarek received the following HGS Awards: President’s Award 2008, Chairman’s Award 2015 and the Distinguished Award 2020.

In addition to volunteer work, Tarek enjoyed exploring the back roads of South Texas with the BMW Motorcycle Club of Houston.