HGS Call for Volunteers: Educational Outreach


The Educational Outreach committee needs volunteers for two elementary school events:

One volunteer for an evening STEM event on the 26th of January.  The volunteer would travel to a school on the west side of town (Nottingham Elementary, near corner of Dairy Ashford and Memorial).  They would talk to elementary students and their parents about the basics of geology.  HGS will provide a poster and some sample rocks, minerals, and fossils to spur conversations.  One experienced presenter (Steve Johansen) will be there; we would like a second HGS volunteer to assist.  DATE:  26 January 2022, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. 


One volunteer for a morning presentation at Bendwood Elementary, near Town & Country Mall in west Houston, on the 7th of February. An experienced HGS presenter (Ken Thies) will lead the event. This will cover some basics of fossils, with examples that HGS will provide of Texas Pleistocene fossils (mammoth, horse, bison bones).  The total time will likely be less than two hours, sometime between 8:30 and 11 a.m.  Timing will be determined in consultation with the requesting elementary shcool teacher.

Volunteers for either event will need to complete an on-line security questionnaire a week before the event. This is not a difficult task; you will need to state your name, home address, phone number, Texas driver’s license number or similar identification number, and watch a 5-minute security video.   HGS will provide the necessary internet links to complete the registration.

For both of these events, an experienced HGS presenter will lead the event.  We wish for other HGS members to be there for crowd control and to help answer questions. We think it's worthwhile or we wouldn’t be doing it. Try it, you might like it!

Contact Steve Johansen  (geosjjohansen@gmail.com) if you wish to help.