From the Editor | March 2021

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Houston Snow Days

Hello plumbers, sheet rockers,

So that was a blast. An unwelcome visit from our friend from the north. With a temperature of 34 degrees in the house and almost single digits outside, that was cold. I’m all about going to see snow in situ, but just as we’ve become accustomed to embrace 100 degrees in the summer, I’d be happy if the snow stayed home. Now, as I write this, the temperature is 74 degrees with a high of 81. You’ve got to love Houston weather. 

This month I’ve seen several societies announce in person events and socials, with the AAPG ACE 2021 Program Committee planning for the eventuality of both in-person and online presentations in Denver in May. At the HGS, we continue to monitor the situation. Whilst taking a more cautious approach, it is very uplifting and encouraging to hear the amount of people getting vaccinated and we all hope these events will be a stable of our life once again soon. Our Latin America Conference Committee has several volunteers who have been vaccinated and come early October I’ll be looking forward to hosting that event in person. Last fall we had to postpone indefinitely our annual Golf Tournament – this fall we plan to host two to make up for lost time, one in October and one early December, we’ll have more details on these later in the summer.

Lastly, the oil price. Like most of the readers I imagine, I look at the oil price daily. Things are looking up. This past week the oil price closed above $60 for 5 consecutive days. With the oil price seeing this steady run, conversations across the industry are far more optimistic than anytime these past 12 months or so. With this being said, however, all too frequently I’ve seen on LinkedIn friends, former colleagues, clients and others in our industry all Open to Work – if there is anything I can do, or we can do as the Houston Geological Society please get in touch.

Keep well and Happy St. David’s Day to anyone with a Welsh connection,