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From the President | April 2022

Most organizations whose members pay dues or initiation fees have in their constitution or by-laws stipulations for raising those fees over time.  These happen in the recognition that the costs of doing business increase from year to year, and even in organizations that are largely volunteer-run have overhead costs subject to price in

From the Editor | April 2022

NEWS FLASH: AAPG - SPE MERGER PLANS TERMINATED on 11 March, 2022. The AAPG and SPE Presidents both announced the termination of the merger plans. In the announcement, it was stated that the AAPG Executive Committee met on 11 March and a vote to continue work on the merger and proceed to a member vote failed.

From the Editor | March 2022


The proposed merger of AAPG and SPE has been postponed for an indefinite period of time. The need for change to assure survival will remain. Every AAPG Member must determine and express their own opinion.

From the President | October 2021

Having made a “vision” kind of theme in my first Bulletin Letter - Serve the science - it seems appropriate to expand the concept a bit in this month’s letter.   Perhaps further discussion on the twin elements of science and career as dual concerns of our Society is in order.

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